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    Ok so I’ve come to terms with the fact my parents don’t treat me like my younger sister. They had us go to therapy (positive point) and there they explained she was more eager to please and didn’t question things where as I did so that’s the main difference between us. My sister even expressed how she chose to leave home because the tension between us was just too much.
    Here’s the thing: I’m pregnant. I just found out and I am ecstatic but I don’t want them to know (I’m going to fake my period by putting pads in the rubbish bin for a few days). (Detail removed by moderator). They said they’d think about it because they don’t want me wasting my money… They took my house key away (detail removed by moderator) ago so I can’t go get a job (visa is being processed too so I can’t leave until it comes back) but I’m going to the doctor to tell them I’m expecting and the (detail removed by moderator). I know stress during pregnancy is harmful so I’m trying to keep my head together. They go out for meals, go to concerts and drive down the road for food shopping but apparently a good night’s sleep is too costly for me…
    They leave for (detail removed by moderator) so I’m leaving before then (my baby’s dad is here so no chance of me going anyway) but at the moment I’m going crazy. I’m being forced to sleep on a bed that is causing me pain because they don’t want me to spend my money how I need to.
    and I desperately want my sister to know she’s going to be an auntie.
    I don’t know how much more of this I can take.

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    please phone women’s aid. Make the move and eventually you will draw strength from something so much better than this.

    Would advise, yes, don’t tell anyone about the pregnancy aside from women’s aid.

    Please don’t tell.

    Keep yourself safe and your growing babes.
    Draw strength from that.

    You need a space for yourself and your growing family and where you are currently is not it.
    We have all crossed a similar bridge.
    You can do it lovely – I am also drawing strength from your post.
    all best
    ftc (and family as women who has left for refuge some years ago…)

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    Applaud you for wanting to keep your baby and be a mum. And for going for your visa to get a job.

    Yes, stress is very bad, for you and the baby.

    So getting assistance to get out of this situation for you and your baby and your also going to need someone supportive besides us here, and besides an ob/gyn. There is a helpline number on this site to woman’s aid, refuge, and you can ask about resources for you and the baby. Ask if they can connect you with a support group for your particular situation or for support for you while going through the pregnancy itself. You need someone physically in your corner with you.

    Your going to have to be assertive for you and your baby to get what you both need.

    Here when you need to talk or have questions. There are some awesome women on here. Hugs!


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