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      Me and my husband have been together for (detail removed by moderator). He was so nice when we first got together. Not long after we bought a house together and I was pregnant with my daughter things changed. He worked long hours (he doesn’t get paid extra) so he would leave every early in the morning and be home late. When he got home he didn’t want to engage with me. Every weekend he (detail removed by moderator), run around for his mum and went out clubbing he was never home. He had (detail removed by moderator) children from (detail removed by moderator) previous relationships they came every weekend and I would be caring for them. He did nothing around the house he has never cooked one meal since we have been together. He has had affairs he denies all but one because I have proof. He tells me I’m insecure and it’s not his place to make me feel secure. He can get upset about silly little things. I lost my brother suddenly and he got upset with (detail removed by moderator). He didn’t talk to me for (detail removed by moderator) even when I begged him to stay at home one night because I felt so low he told he couldn’t look at me or bare to be around me. He said wouldn’t go to my brothers funeral and on the day said (detail removed by moderator). I get the silent treatment or mental games if I disagree with him. I’ve lost my voice in fear of his reactions.

      We had disagreed on (detail removed by moderator) over him going away for the weekend for a (detail removed by moderator) with a few female and male friends. I wasn’t invited. I voiced that I wasn’t comfortable with it he told me he don’t care and he is going. This brought up a lot of emotions around the cheating and I brought this up. He said he cheated because(detail removed by moderator). He later sent me a text saying(detail removed by moderator). He then blocked me on the phone. I came home to all the photos of us removed (detail removed by moderator). He will snigger when I come in the house. He has removed files from the home office and taken my daughters passport and birth certificate. He hasn’t actually said anything to me but makes upsetting comments to get to me (detail removed by moderator). He is going to work and behaving like he is happy.

      Mine while I’ve called in sick I’m heartbroken and don’t know what to do with myself. I don’t know if he means it or he is trying to hurt me. There is so much more but too much to write.

      I don’t know how to manage these emotions 💔

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      Oh jellybaby your worth so much more it’s classic emotional abuse, he’s gaslighting and minimising what he’s doing and what he’s soon as you started the message with he goes in early and comes homes late without extra pay alarm bells were ringing for me and it’s his behaviour that is making you insecure, it would make anyone insecure. Abusers are extremely immature and can’t or won’t see the other persons perspective, I would worry about more children out there more family’s and sti’s he might bring back, then he’ll probably tell you your paranoid or that you were the one that cheated it’s what they do, either way it’s no way to live, we are too forgiving too trusting and they count on that to keep us caught, you have choices you may not be ready to leave yet but there will be a day when you’ll want no more. Please take care in the meantime you’ve got our support 💛🧡💛

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