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      Twisted Sister

      I know i would not want to be kissing a row of atrange blokes.

      Coercion – signed a contract to ‘perform’in all tasks (presumably). Being paid, well, large prize money at the end of the show for someone.

      But to throw in a task to be intimate crosses a lineand is promoting abuse surely.

      This is telling women, and especially young girl and boy audiences watching that this is ok!!!
      I don’t think it is.

      Its legitimised/normalised prostitution, exploiting young adults not to mention the influence this has on others potentially far younger. What chance of promoting healthy boundaries with this horror of a show?

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      Twisted Sister

      I see they sent them on a date after the upset it caused messing with young peoples’ heads and feelings.

      This is all ‘fun’ to them and bringing masses of mone in.

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      I must admit I watched in horror last night. I remember there were 18 to 30 holidays when I was younger. I didn’t go on one but I heard some horror stories about them and saw some photos and it reminded me of that. Which I suppose as a single young person is maybe what you want. But to be in a couple and watch your other half snog someone else is not on. There should have been a choice to participate. Hopefully social media will point that out and maybe have a health discussion about acceptable boundaries. For hygiene reasons alone I’m sure it’s not recommended lol 🤓

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      Twisted Sister

      Yes, like the club 18-30 it creates an environment conducive to ignoring natural boundaries. Its a good parallel to this.

      Those in that situation are under duress to ‘perform’

      Kissing a row of blindfolded men is wrong on so many levels.

      This is not a game, the whole premis of having to ‘couple up’ or get kicked out is coercion.

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      [email protected]

      i have to agree i thought it looked like triangulation and to watch how this plays with their emotions for the sake of entertainment is wrong xxxx

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