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      Put the kettle on

      I’ve been out of an abusive relationship for (detail removed by Moderator), I’ve tried so hard to work on myself and yet I’ve found myself involved in a similar situation.

      He would contact/visit each other every (detail removed by Moderator), we would chat deeply. He’d say how he’s working on his goals and our future together. He’d tell me how great I am, we built on friendship towards a relationship and then another woman came along. The contact dried up, when I do hear from him it’s strained conversation. He’s checked out while I’m wondering what’s going on. I’ve built an attachment to him and it hurts so badly.

      I miss talking to him and seeing him even though I can see red flags.
      He’d comment on my weight, appearance, seemed offish when I went out with friends, was constantly seeking validation from me.

      I’m disappointed in myself for falling for it again. It’s left me feeling very low about myself

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      Put the kettle on

      He’s putting the blame on me saying (removed by Moderator) when he no longer has time to see me or call me. My heads so confused, I keep wanting it to go back to how it was in the beginning

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      Hey sweetie i didnt wanna read and run. By now im sure you know im not out so cant comment on that part but i do think that maybe we fall deep too soon we give out so much as we are so eager to be loved truely loved. I have someone who is just someone i have confided in the only person and he can be really cool amd off at times and often ignores me and it hurts so much its not a romantic relationship at all but still it feel like a rejection I often wish we could go back to b4 he knew as je was so attentive caring then now he knows its like he feels i should leave or shut up its devestating. I fear we crave love compassion underdtanding so so much we often look in the wrong places with the wrong people.
      This is not your fault at all you have had a horrible time and as much as you say you have healed there may still be a small part of you that still needs that love i mean everyone regardless needs and wants love. You have seen red flags early on this time which is a huge well done trust yourself believe in yourself instead of punishing yourself. Its not you sweetie it really isnt xxxx

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        Put the kettle on

        Hi nbumblebee,
        I think part of my frustration is that I didn’t rush, I went really slow to get to know him. We started as friends. Now he’s all over this other woman and I’m shocked for how he dropped what we had so suddenly.

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