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      Hi all, my last post was a few months ago. The abuse didn’t stop he hadn’t changed and because of this my children were took to my mums. He liked that better though.
      Anyway even after they had gone he would get mad at me his favourite thing was to suffocate me and that’s what I hated the worst.
      He wouldn’t let me visit my children and when i did (detail removed by moderator) ago he smashed a wine glass into my face it was cut deep but he woylsnt let me go to hospital I still have glass near my eye.
      (date removed by moderator)he attacked me agaun this time spitting at me and suffocating me (detail removed by moderator). As you will know he was arrested last year for rape and assault but he got away with it (detail removed by moderator) this year he was arrested because the women he has kids to and was seeing whilst with me said he had attacked her again he got away with it.
      After the attack I had made my decision in my head that i didn’t want to be a victim anymore and started thinking how I could make him leave. He used to lock me in the house so I couldn’t escape and hide my phone. (detail removed by moderator) I had a knock and we never answer the door but it was my sister and this was my way put so I opened the window he was already getting mad he hates my family and then opened the door. I knew if I ignored it he would attack me as it was my family.
      I went out and when i came back he had destroyed things in my house and weed all over my kids toys.
      He rung the police because he was scared of two girls but i think he did it so I’d get in trouble he was sticking his tongue out at me and winking my sister then rung the police and it’s at this point he turned and threw a loose door at me. The police never came.
      Yesterday they came out and said he is basically trying to get me done but I’ve explained about the eye incident and the attacks. Hes gone now. Thats it and this time I will not take him back.
      I dont know what will happen now wherher the police will finally charge him for all the awful things he’s done but im going to fight to get kids home. Thank you xx sent

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      Hi Fallen Angel,

      Hope you are ok.

      I pray that he gets his comeuppance now.

      You’ve been very brave through all this.

      Keep strong X

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      The worst thing is I do miss him its cos I’m alone in the house we shared.
      Enough is enough and if I didn’t get out then i would never have.
      Just want the sadness and pain to go xx

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      Hi FallenAngel,

      I just wanted to show you some support. You have been so brave. Please give yourself plenty of time to heal and if you can please do not have any contact with him. Contact will just be a way for him to try and manipulate you and make you feel guilty. Please get plenty of support from your local Women’s Aid group. They can offer you some counselling to help you heal plus plenty of advice and hopefully access to the Freedom Program. Please also know that you can phone the Helpline at any time.

      We are all here for you so please keep posting.

      Best wishes,

      Forum Moderator

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      HI Sweetie

      JUst wanted to give u massive hug, well done for finally getting him out, please go no contact, get a non mol out to protect yourself and get support to keep u strong. THey r like an addiction for us , we get so used to them that we actually miss them when they r gone, think how he treated the ex and u , the pattern is clear there, please try go on a freedom course to make yourself realize that these men are not healthy for us, it is them at fault not us, get your kids bk and start fresh. USe this time to get strong first b4 kids come home, rest and receover , you and your body need it

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      Thank you. I’m going to get a solicitor’s appointment I need to know how I can get him away for good. Social worker came out today she is thinking about putting me in a refuge.
      I had to sleep downstairs because i was terrified he would come home.
      I’m at my weakest I’ve done nothing but cry.
      The police haven’t been in touch
      My social worker said she ei contact his and say what he’s been doing to me and my kids hopefully this will make his kids safe.
      It’s very hard breaking away from him and thankfully there has been no contact. I miss him but I don’t even know why it’s going to be long process. Thank you everyone x*x

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      So sorry to hear this how awful for you,good you have the social workers support,maybe a refuge would be good for a while to give you time in safety away from him.
      Do hope the police arrest him for what he has done to you. The tears will be healing and letting out a lot of built up emotion, sending you a hug xxxx

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      Oh Hun, that is awful. Please get the glass out of your face! Get a referral from your GP. Tell them the whole story. That will be in your favor as well.

      Please remember, whenever he is near you again and he threatens you and does anything, please please please make a silent 999 call!!! Do not leave anything that he does.
      I am shocked with how much he got away. This is absolutely wrong. You should actually complain to your local MP about this.
      Do you have WA support?
      Also call Rights of Women. They can advise you for free what to do. They are specialized to help women in such situations.

      Stay strong. Big hugs!

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