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      I’ve been planning to leave I’ve now got a job interview but he won’t let me go unless I tell him where I’m going because he’s busy he said I can take my child but I can’t do I’ve got someone else coming but if I get the job not sure how it will plan out.but I’m hoping it gets me away from the house just worried about day care as I don’t get support

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      Rely on him for nothing. One step at a time. Tell him nothing. Go for the job interview and 🤞 good luck. Working and having an income brings confidence and an income, both of which an abuser will try to destroy.

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      Good luck! If you are genuinely separated but still under the same roof you can apply for benefits, this can help with childcare costs. As Kip said don’t rely on him, even if he said he’d help he’d let you down last minute. Get used to supporting yourself

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      100% don’t rely on him at all! You can do this! That’s fantastic you have an interview well done! X this is all part of taking your control back and it’s amazing x x x x be proud x I understand it will be hard as he will make it hard but you can do this x

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      I did this was the best thing i couldve done.
      I lied told him I was at a drs appointment womens troubles he didnt argue then.
      I got the job and love it with all my heart.
      He hates it he stops me every day I really have to fight to go. They have put me on a course that i also love he hates it and stops me studying so i have to grab an hour in my car I doubt i will pass its so hard with all thats going on with him but somewhere deep inside i have a fire in my nelly a determination to succeed dispite him.
      Look for that fire go for that job it could be the start of something amazing.
      Good luck xx

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      It’s my youngest I’m worried about me cause she is one and don’t know wether to do weekends might say I can’t do it or can only do as and when it I m hoping it’s Monday to Friday .does anyone know about these things my eldest can help with my older two pick up from school if need be but my (removed by moderator) will need day care I really am not thinking about the money but my future I’m expecting quite a lot of money soon from my (removed by moderator) and want to buy an house I won’t even be entitled to benefit when that comes so I need to do something I can’t keep pleasing him staying home Ive also got a instructor soon to get driving again rub it all in that narcs face when I’m gone literally can’t wait to put my two fingers up at him and show how I’ve moved on the non empathetic person I’ve got (removed by moderator) kids but I won’t let it stop me I may have weak days but today I’m stronger and despite him using me and me knowing it .he will have the last laugh on me when I go

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