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    Today I had my first appointment at the job centre. I am an absolute wreck but sucked it up and went. I got there and immediately had a melt down – too many people, men, was worried about what would happen. As soon as I explained I was a new DA survivor that had just moved into the area the staff were amazing! I just wanted to let you know that there are lovely people out there xx

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    That’s wonderful that they stepped up. And well done for actually getting there in the first place. That’s a huge step. Take it slowly x

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    That’s great Escapee, well done you xx

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    That’s fantastic they helped you. People can be amazing too x

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    That’s brilliant. Well done you. xx

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    Well done on having the strength to do this. It won’t have been easy yet you did it!
    Best of luck in finding a job 🍀

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    Thank you ladies.

    It warms my poor battered heart to know there’s kindness around (and the fact that you are all dealing with stuff too!) x*x

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    Well done. I would recommend that people tell the job centre they are survivors, if they can. I was allocated to a woman who specialised in helping survivors get jobs.

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    How very brave of you to go there, I hope they continue treating you with lots of respect and offer you jobs that suit you 💕

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    They’re being amazing. They’ve offered me access to this well being course and I don’t have to sign on again until December. I’m hoping by then I’ll be a bit stronger. I feel so unwell at the moment but I’m guessing it’s just stress and anxiety 🙄 xxxx

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    Ahhh that’s good. I have to go for my universal credit interview on Friday and already dreading it!

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     Put the kettle on 

    Hi escapee, I did the same broke down crying. The man who I deal with there is so nice, he’s calm and friendly. I have been on a well being course and it was great. I was very nervous about going in and speaking to others but the teacher said at the beginning nobody has to speak if they don’t want to and there was no pressure from anyone. I barely spoke the first lesson, but I knew quickly I’d done the right thing by going as it was great to know for whatever reason other people are feeling similar ways and you’re not alone. Nobody goes into details about your personal situation so I felt it was a safe place. After the course we all signed up for the next and most of us have kept in touch.

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    That sounds so positive! Thank you x*x

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    Oh thank you so much for posting this, I have my first appointment at (detail removed by moderator) and my anxiety has been off the scale all day, even though I have the full support of my GP and caseworker at the local women centre. I only work (detail removed by moderator) a week,largely because my husband has threatened me with all sorts, every time I got a full-time job, it just wasn’t worth the arguments and threats.

    Wish me luck, I hope I get as good and kind reaction as you did.

    Many thanks X*X

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