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      I have no one else to talk/vent to so I thought I’d post on here. I’m so annoyed about everything and with everyone at the minute. I’m tired of domestic abuse being seen as something that only happens in relationships. My stepdad is the one who is abusive towards me however that is just seen as something I can just get out of as it isn’t a relationship. But it’s not that easy. I tried to open up about it with someone but they just suggested living somewhere else. If only it was that simple. Sometimes I don’t even want solutions I just want to talk. But I feel like I’m bothering people as they just want to find a solution so I can get over it. But I’m not ready to get over it.
      I’ve been unwell lately and had to get medical treatment. I lied and told my stepdad I (detail removed by moderator) but he found out I had been at the hospital. This caused so much backlash as I had lied and has got medical treatment which he has never allowed me to do. At work they made comments about (detail removed by moderator). They didn’t mean to but it made me feel really bad like I’m an inconvenience and it’s all my fault that I’m Unwell. It makes me feel even worse knowing I can’t get anymore medical treatment as that will have consequences if my stepdad was to find out. I wish I could just be honest and tell them everything but I know I can’t.
      I was so close to speaking out the other day but I know there’s no point as no one can help.
      Sorry none of that probably even makes sense but I just wanted to get it all out.

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      Sorry to hear all this. My teenager has issues with my ex, who was her step dad for years. Why would he find out you were at hospital? Your medical data is private and covered by GDPR. Can you speak to your mother at all or is she blind to his behaviour? Does your employer have any medical support like EAP you could access? Don’t give up and feel free to rant!

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      I forgot to (detail removed by moderator) so he saw it. He often works from home now and my doctor only does telephone appointments so he would hear. My mum died quite a while ago and none of my family know I’m living with him. I don’t have a good relationship with my dads side and my mums side live abroad so they wouldn’t be able to help much anyway. I’m trying to save at the minute so I can move out but it’s difficult hiding money from him. I know it’s not a permanent situation but I just wanted someone to vent to until I can move out

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        I’m sorry about your mum. Gosh he should be asking if you’re alright not berating you for being ill. Could you contact your local council, they should support with homelessness or risk of homelessness due to domestic abuse (I.e. you’re not expected to live like this), even if you are on the list for a few months it’s a light at the end of the tunnel and can often be cheaper than private rent.

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