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      How would you feel/ what would you do or think if your partner threatened to punch you or physically hurt you?

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      Wants To Help

      Hi Shoop,

      I’d be frightened, outraged, fearful of my future with him and what it means.

      No one should be living with someone who says or does this, whether it’s an intimate partner or other family member, it is all domestic abuse.

      This is not right, not legal and you do not have to accept it as a part of your relationship.

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      Ring the national domestic abuse helpline and talk in confidence x

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      Mine has told me a few times that he could punch me in the face and actually if he thought he could get away with it he would but I have older teens at home and he would never hurt me with them about. Its so scarey I tend to freeze say nothing and stay put until he has calmed down then i do try and talk to him after but thos gets me nowhere. I know im safe but sweetie if he thretens you and you are scared you need to reach out talk to someone you trust or even womans aid as no it isnt right it isnt nice and you shouldnt have to put up with that. X

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      Hey ladies

      Sadly you all were right and he physically assaulted me, I’ve never seen him cry before and after it happened he cried I can’t help think that’s all part of the tactics? Also he said it was my fault and I was winding him up and playing the victim? He literally bit me and it felt like he broke my fingers.

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      I’m so sorry this happened to you. It is certainly not your fault. His crocodile tears are all part of the act to keep you trapped. He’s not even sorry, being sorry means taking responsibility for your actions, not blaming them on another person. It’s all part of the cycle of abuse. Please please seek support from your local DV charity, GP, family, anyone. Abuse always gets worse.

      You are not what he says you are and you deserve so much better. Please reach out for help xx

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      Hi Shoop, I’m so sorry to read this – that’s absolutely awful. Are you ok? Have you reported him to the police? Are you somewhere safe? Sending you a hug – that’s a horrendous thing to go through. I know it’s extremely difficult but do keep in your mind that he’s chosen to behave that way – it’s 100% not your fault, you’ve done nothing wrong and don’t deserve to be treated that way. His behaviour is completely unacceptable . The tears will be crocodile tears – mine did the same, turned them on and off like a tap. I’d recommend phoning women’s aid for some support – they were a huge help to me after I was assaulted. Let us know you’re ok. 💕

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      This was the final straw with my Ex .. He bit me. This is savage and feral behaviour and I honestly believe you need to pack up your belongings and get the heck out of there right away while your able and still in one piece. This is a very dangerous and unhinged individual your dealing with. Contact Women’s Aid right now and don’t put it off please your life depends on it stay safe.

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        What is the number and is it 24hr helpline xx

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      Wow thank you all for replying and sharing your experiences, I’m so disgusted that so many of us have gone through this

      Luckily we do not live together so That takes some pressure off the situation. It is true about the cycle of abuse I am holding onto the good times but these incidents are becoming closer together and more extreme

      I should add before he bit me he kicked the wall next to my head and swiped my makeup off counter and smashed up some pictures. It’s weird tho because I know this is so so toxic yet when I think of us not together and him giving love to another woman I get jealous. It’s so confusing

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