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      I am here on this weekend worth friends and it’s been fine, but I am now feeling a bit exhausted. I’m not sleeping great anyway, the antidepressants I think, and I made the mistake of having a lifetime glasses of wine last night and feel shattered now. I’m finding it hard to keep up with conversations and I ERfeelL very insecure at moments. They all have jobs and security. This was why I thought about not coming.

      Sorry to moan, just wanted somewhere to say this.
      Take care

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      Falling Skys

      Hi Eve1

      Well done for going on the weekend.

      Don’t worry about not being able to keep up with the conversations, everyone loves a listening just smile nob and look interested.

      Next year this time you will have a job and security, so you could say your re evaluating your life and looking in to re training.

      And your not moaning its hard, I went out for the weekend with friends got myself so stressed (only 2 glasses of wine) I fainted at the table and vomited over myself. Luckily one of the girls took me to my room washed me and my clothes, and I found out what a great friend I had.

      Good luck and be proud of what you have accomplished.

      FS xx

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      mixed-up mum

      Hi Eve – so pleased you decided to go after all – well done you – that took courage – proud of you!!! 🙂

      I know just how you feel – I was asked to a friend’s house last weekend – there was 5 of us all together – I was the quietest one there by far – I never feel like I have anything interesting to add to the conversation – I never have any funny stories to add to what they are saying – BUT having said that I DID still enjoy it – it was nice to get out of the house for a bit, and it was SO LOVELY to be invited and included in a girly night – I enjoyed having a glass of wine and the lovely food she had made for us – it just felt good to be mixing socially with others – and doing what normal mums do – its just a break away from thinking about your worries and problems – even for just one night. 🙂

      So I hope you enjoy your break away – we can’t ALL be the life & soul of the party!!! Just be YOU!!! 🙂

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      Hi Eve,

      Some friends came over to my house last night and brought lots of wine, and I ended up drinking far more than I normally would.

      Today, I have felt awful and also emotional. Alcohol is a depressant and if you are low already, it can complicate it further. Be kind to yourself and take a nap and / or a bath for an hour and a half or so. Tell the others you need a bath or something. Take things slowly.

      You were brave to go, but don’t push yourself too hard there. Xx

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      White Rose

      Well done for going!
      You don’t need to be the life and soul of the party and it’s quite ok to be an individual – you don’t need to have fab jobs and be well off to be happy and fulfilled in your life. It’s ok to be quiet. Everyone has their own qualities and your are unique to you!
      I did warn you about the wine! 😆
      Be proud of yourself for going – I’m proud of you! X*x

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      mixed-up mum

      Hi Eve how are things today? Did you have s nice evening last night? You all heading home today?

      I too would find it hard being around people who brag about their jobs/houses etc.
      If they have not been through what we have been through then they have no idea just what it takes just to get up and do ‘the basics’ some days. I have no time for people who brag about how busy their lives are working here and there, and in this club, in that society etc.

      And as for mums who constantly brag about how well their kids are doing – well my two have learning difficulties and they may not be as high achievers as some – but they are doing THEIR best – and that’s good enough for me – we can’t all be doctors, lawyers, teachers – but we all follow the path in life that’s right for us. Nobody knows what they have had to come through to get to where they are – so nobody has the right to judge them.

      I always say – Im proud of my kids – but I don’t go about telling everyone else – I believe if you are proud of your kids its THEM you should tell – for they are the ones who need to know how proud you are of them – no one else.

      Hope you have enjoyed this break Eve – its good just to get away for a little change of scene. x*x

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      Thank you for all your replies. I went and had a lie down for an hour and felt much better. And then yes, White Rose, stayed off the alcohol!
      I I came back yesterday afternoon and I am glad I did it. I feel like I’m just on a different path to them. They haven’t been through what I’ve been through and on the whole t it’s good to still be included.
      It was great to be able to put a message on here though and get such understanding replies. Amazing ladies you are.

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