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      He said to me he strangled me because he was going to kill himself…

      (detail removed by moderator)

      Now it is because he was drunk.

      Do you think they know what they say? How does that excuse the strangling? Where do they fetch such answers to absolve what they do? I just don’t get it.

      Anyway as I was working I suddenly realise his first reason was about killing himself, not being drunk. So it is all lies, isn’t it?

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      Some of the replies I have had when he has tried to strangle me are , it makes me feel powerful, I like that it scares you and it gets the quickest reaction.

      The logic behind the I was going to kill myself comment is the fact he could have been thinking he was going to take you with him, that is what my son has said to me. Very disturbing when they say stuff like that.

      I think they say what suits the situation and whatever they think will excuse their behaviour. xx

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      It is all lies, I watch mine take time, looking for side to side, body language , he will then repeat what ive said as though he hasnt heard me so as to give himself time to think of a lie and then comes up with some either irrelevant answer or non sensical answer.
      The truth is they dont have any truthful logical answer because there isnt one they just wantto Control us in anyway they can by fear and intimidation x

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      Bj it is all total lies… What sense or reason is that for trying to strangle you? And the same with the drink. Alcohol only acagerates the characteristics people already have anyway. Yes we may be a little more extreme. I mean after the most recent event with me- after only one drink I suddenly had the strength to shout back at him and stand my ground. I also said some not so nice things out of pure frustration but I have to own the way I behaved. I could’ve chosen to behave in a different way but I chose that one because I’d decided i wanted to stand up for myself… Admittedly the thought process is never that long- it’s instinct. Just like their instinct is to control and dominate. When he realized that words were not going to dominate me like they used to- he used physical force. I often wonder am I as bad as him if I shout or say nasty things. I don’t think I am (I hope I’m not) because my shouting is never to over power him… It’s only to be heard and to attempt to resolve.. And often to defend what he is saying about me.
      My now ex has never ever admitted physically hurting me so he’s never given me a reason as to why. Until this last occasion, I never even confronted him about the times he hurt me because I pathetically wanted to brush them under the carpet and because I genuinely bellied I deserved it. But when I Finally did confront him- only moments after it happened, he looked me in the eyes and said it never happened and that I was the lier.
      And gods child- that’s what mine does too. Lies and lied about all sorts of things. On the few occasions he admitted to his lies he always blamed me for him having to lie anyway.
      And a little lost… It’s surprising to hear that yours is so honest about why he does it. He had the gaul to actually admit that it’s to control you. Gah these men are evil

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      hi hun

      These men are fully aware of what they r doing, they just make us over think

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