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      Hey, I haven’t posted in a while as I’ve been taking time out for myself just to try and heal from an abusive relationship.
      Today was a big step for me. I heard his voice. (Through a conference call with some professionals). Just hearing his voice brought back horrific memories and nightmares I’ve endured with him.
      Justice was served today. It was for me. Not him. Even if he did complain and moan and groan about it.
      I’ve noticed that once an abuser abuses a woman. Oh and I will call him an abuser. They never really accept what damage they’ve done. I’ve noticed the whole the conversation revolves around HIM! Not that I’m surprised.
      Just wanted to say ladies keep strong. Keep fighting. Keep taking time out to heal and DO WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU!
      Justice will be served. Smack bang in the abusers face too.
      Love you all and hope you all keep safe ❤️❤️

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      Are that is so good to hear. It must be a wonderful feeling to get justice. Sadly I won’t get justice but hearing that at least one abuser didn’t get away with it has its own healing effect.

      I am so pleased for you. I hope it helps you a little in moving forward. Well done for being so courageous and thank you for sharing your good news with us. xx

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      Great news BraveStrongSmart!

      It is good to hear that it is possible, it is worth reporting, that justice can and does happen.

      Also good to hear that you are taking time out to heal.

      Good Luck on your journey.


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      Thanks Eggshells and Soulsearcher!! Sorry justice couldn’t be served well enough.
      Justice can be done through taking time out and focusing on yourself, or doing something that protects you from that abuser. Keep fighting and keep strong. We are all so brave, so smart and yet so strong. Don’t let them bring you down any longer.


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      oh hun I feel you my ex is exactly the same everything is about him and his health, how he feels and what he needs. never about how and what he does to others. once I asked him how he thinks his son feels when he doesn’t pick him up from school because he decides that drinking is more important and he can never answer the question cos its all about u don’t understand my problems etc

      he tells me I need to learn about alcholics yet I will never understand how anyone can put a cider before there child.

      make a stand us women need to take back control and have the power. we are strong enough and we need to show them that they do not control us anymore.

      I am trying to erase the scars and think positive about my situation I took a stand and got a non molestration order done all by myself issued without him knowing, I warned and warned him and he never listened and I finally did it and I feel great and amazing and all the things of being scared and worried everytime my phone went off has all gone and now I can focus on mending all the emotional abuse he subjected me to and put my time into me for once

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      Hey weeblewob!
      I am so proud of you for getting a job molestion order in place. I’ve got one done for my abuser too and he misunderstood to why it was necessary. Even though it was needed to my sanity and safety. He now thinks it’s funny to contact my colleagues and friends to get to me. (detail removed by Moderator)

      He is a nasty piece of work for not putting someone else’s needs first. That’s how an abuser is. All about him him him and no one else. It’s upsetting that he cannot see his sons needs before his own. Your son does not need that (detail removed by Moderator) in his life. He has a strong mom who is beautiful and outstanding.

      Yes us women need to stay strong and support each other in these times of need!! There’s not many woman who have a support network out there or have the strength to reach out but women we are here so spread the love and strength 💕💕💕💕💕

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