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      Found out from my son that my ex has had a life threatening event brought on by (detail removed by moderator) and endless smoking. However, more than anything I think it’s his endless raging and playing the victim. Guess who has got the blame, why of course me for dragging out the divorce. This is laughable as I was knocked down, all my paperwork went missing from my solicitors who does this benefit certainly not me. Who knew before me that he was in hospital my mum. When and who was going to tell me?How can they believe him when we have been apart for (detail removed by moderator) years. Then my Mum told me she’d been thinking about me..,what? I am the one whose name has been blackened has lost her kids and is now looking at losing her home. Yet it’s my fault he’s ill because I ruined his life. He screams at our son morning noon and night. I feel nothing for him I feel he got what he deserved he terrorised me and the kids for years.

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      Yep, karma is great. Can you take advantage of his incapacity?

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      im sure he would take advantage if the shoe was on the other foot! i think its natural to feel the way you do – i have often thought terrible thoughts about the health of his family – ie wish they would basically be well away – which to a degree they are, but theres always that chance theyll try something else. People have short memories and hes projecting all off this back on you this isnt your fault. you might end up feeling a bit guilty for having these thoughts but dont your only human what is good for one is good for another i say xx luv diy mum x

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      Well, the first thing I felt when reading your post was jealousy! Is that wrong? Probably. Oh well!!! Just deserts and all that jazz! I long for this kind of news most days. If that makes me evil then so be it.

      Don’t wear this NW, any of it! Let them all think and say whatever they want. Let them get on with it. I find this laughable – it’s always someone else’s fault isnt it. I can find it astonishing sometimes, even quite impressive, how my ex always manages to invent a story out of what has happened that blames me – shame he cant put his creative mind to better uses.

      So, now onto what really matters, how you going to play what has happened to your advantage! What’s your next hand?! xx

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