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      I imagine most on here have spent time trying to figure out how we got here? I’ve realised how much influence the telvision, films, the dreadly mail ect has had on me since a child..magazines such as cosmopolitan…and see the effects it is having on those around me….our lives have turned out like a never ending episode of eastenders….surely this has contributed to normalising drama …even the lyrics in most music if you take a moment to study the words…..oh dear oh dear…..has anyone else realised this? We’ve all had a spell cast on us called ‘programming’…the whole world is being corrupted and destroyed and perverted

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      I understand some of what you mean calendula early programming also how dad treats mam or how parents treat us can have an effect on what we learn also friendships how men encourage their friends to treat other women has an effect also how women are portrayed in the media is how they expect us to look and be all the time and it’s just not right! Also in films and dramas the pursuit of a woman until she says yes is thought of as good when in reality it’s actually terrifying and dangerous all round and people end up in relationships through this that they don’t want to be in and also people end up with injunctions and also get dangerously angry if they don’t get what they want because why doesn’t it work like it does in the movies so yeah I get some of what your saying and also the young boy being programmed of how mam treats dad and how dad treats mam will teach that little boy growing up what relationships are so it all has an effect 🌳🧚🏻‍♀️🌳

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      Exactly Auriel…and it’s getting worse and worse…i can’t even watch a film, TV or listen to the radio now that i see it…i remember as a 12/13 year old reading articles i never should have in the magazines…extremely damaging for young people to have access to this and now with the internet…it’s so bad i don’t think anyone is taking this threat to our society seriously enough…it’s psychological warfare…slowly degenerating society…we have gotten to a point where we are entertained with violence, rape scenes and all this is not normal for our minds to be exposed to let alone enjoying and being entertained by…

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      Dr Shefai Tsabury has a lot to say about this. She wrote a book recently called the Radical Awakening which is specific to women and how society and cultures have programmed us and how to break away from that.

      Alot of song lyrics are just plain toxic and that whole concept of finding our other half, not being whole unless we have someone else is bullsh*t.

      If we can’t feel whole without another person we just end up in these toxic relationships. We need to learn that no one else can make us happy and it is not our job to make anyone else happy either.

      If we can’t love ourselves no one else can either right?

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      And don’t get me started on 50 shades of grey….sends me cold

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