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      I’m gearing myself up to leave him . I’ve waited and waited for some courage to appear as I’ve been ground down so much … this lockdown has created situations where I’ve felt murderous towards him – and those heightened emotions sent me to therapy … realising I was becoming unstable I had to start planning a different future … and my therapist helped me see things and unpick things – however the main point of this post is that I will have to leave alone – I have to walk away and close the door on a massive chapter , the home , the family pets , my 2 older kids – as they think he is the bees knees – he is so nice to them and gives them whatever they want and appears to be the sane one they totally are under his spell – and I’ve tried to defend myself many times – deaf ears and he loves it …. so I have to go alone and I know I have to go cold turkey as they will want me to explain myself but have no clue what I’m trying to say – I’m hurt crushed enough – I wonder if anyone else been through this … and did they ( the older kids ) ever see your point of view ..

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      Hi there –

      I just wanted to touch base with you quickly to let you know that I am going to DM you later this morning. Too much detail would be moderated out on here.

      LB x

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      Bumping… anyone else?

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      Hi everything i can relate to.
      I have 4 daughters.
      (Detail removed by moderator) one of them beat me up.
      Lately, the husband has been told to go for a divorce, as its been going on for years.
      I have been told its emotional and controlling abuse, the daughter who lives here has been tormenting me for years, she walks into my house, walks upstairs to her room,comes back down to the kitchen, completely ignores me, and has been doing this for years, no good morning, comes home from work, eats my food, lives here, for free.
      Bought the family food and leaves me out.
      Used her sister to talk through me, to find out how to cook a meal.
      So i have had enough and lost it,she has been told, she has till (detail removed by moderator) to find herself a place to live.
      The husband… Has been sleeping on the sofa for years, i dont know what it is like to have a cuddle.
      For the last few weeks, hes been throwing insults at me, so enough is enough.
      He refuses to move out.
      I am living in my bedroom.

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      Hi sweet4, the destruction these men cause is simply astonishing. Are you in touch with your local women’s aid. They can help you with a refuge place or housing if you feel you want to leave. Sometimes that’s the much easier option. I can imagine your husband will seize this opportunity to back your abusive daughter and gang up on you. I found it’s impossible to tackle abuse when you’re caught in the middle. You need distance to regroup. Definitely talk to WA. There’s also a national domestic abuse helpline. You don’t need to go thru this alone x

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      Thank you
      Its all been going on and off for years.
      He has been constantly throwing insults at me.
      He loses his temper so quickly.Then the abuse i have been taken for years from one daughter, then the other beat me up. I tried to tell the youngest one but all i get is my sister would never do that.
      They are all for there dad.
      I have no friends or family.
      Thy are both still here. and wont leave

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