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      I’m turning to here before CA see if anyone has any information. If farther is on birth certificate but I have a restraining order against him & if he wants to see his daughter he has to go through family court…does this mean he has parental responsibility or not.

      If he does have PR, how do I get this removed.I have this restraining order he never sees his child he is dangerous violence etc is this enough to get PR removed?

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      You will have to get a court to remove his rights. So keep all the evidence you can. Rights of Women have a free legal helpline. Most solicitors offer free initial advice. Here’s something from the internet…
      Keep in mind that to win a case to terminate parental rights, you’ll need to present very persuasive evidence to the court, such as lack of contact, lack of support, abandonment, abuse, neglect, ongoing indifference, or failure to care for the child.

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      He abused me and went to prison, the abuse was all at me. But said threatening things about our Child and never did smirking for her when I was with him. Would all the evidence from the abuse I suffered not be taken into account? And the threatening things he said about our child were verbal so that’s my word against his isn’t it?

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      Autocorrect I meant anything not “smirking”

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      Wants To Help

      If he is on the birth certificate he will have PR regardless of any orders in place. As has already been stated, getting PR removed is a lengthy process and requires a lot of evidence against him to do so. With him having PR, should anything happen to you he will automatically have the right to take his daughter and have her live with him. So if you wish for another family member to be her legal guardian in the event of your death you will need to get things sorted legally sooner rather than later.

      Is the Restraining Order to stop him having contact with just you or both of you? If her name is not on the RO to protect her from him and he just hasn’t applied to have contact with her yet then this would make a difference to future proceedings as he is not considered a threat to her by professionals. If her name is on the RO then this would assist you because he is deemed as a threat to her.

      I have worked with ladies who have RO’s on conviction but the abuser is still able to see the children.

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      Hello to everyone

      I am not sure where to post this .

      Please I need help with some info.
      I want ti divorce my abusive husband asap.
      I don’t work being a at home mum looking after my (detail removed by Moderator)yr old baby .
      I saw I can apply for the government to help me pat the divorce.
      The is a form I need to fill in , but I dont know what form is that.
      Anyone knows which one is that form?

      Do you think is a good thing to wait for the government ro help me or just do it all alone on this divorce?

      Thank you

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        Rights of women have a free legal helpline and a good website. Most solicitors offer free initial advice so it would be a good idea to visit a couple and pick their brain. In my experience most of these men don’t go quietly. Please also ring the national domestic abuse helpline where you will find a lovely lady who can signpost you to organisations that can help too. Meantime please disclose the abuse to your GP so there is some evidence of abuse and keep a detailed journal. I sent emails to myself each time there was an incident. Obviously making sure he doesn’t have access to your emails.

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