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    How long does the legal process actually take? I’ve been waiting (detail removed by moderator) for them to even decide if they’re going to charge him. It’s doing my head in!!

    He wants to come back to the house with a police escort and collect some stuff. I haven’t quite finished packing it up yet. I know he has that right, but I just can’t face seeing him. I feel so vulnerable to his manipulation right now.

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    He does not have that right. It’s your house. Pack his belongings and get rid of them to a third party. Don’t let him take back control. You also have the right to be kept informed of the progress of your case. Speak to the officer in charge of your case. Or better still speak to his or her sergeant. Don’t be pulled back into his game. My understanding is that he has bail conditions? Just because he has police with him does not give him the right to break these conditions. In fact I think the police would be assisting him in breaking the law by allowing him to come near you.

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    I have pretty much asked the same question. Why does it take forever for the police to decide if they are going to do something?

    Please don’t let him back in the property. Get a third party to collect them. I had months of games from him pretending to try to get his stuff back. Every time i offered he had a reason why he couldn’t and then would ‘tell’ me when he would be coming. Keep the control and stay strong.

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    In the next couple of days, they have to charge him, release him without charge or bail him and I have no idea which of these is going to happen. Keep chasing answers and getting nowhere.

    Trying to get his mother to collect. I’m hoping I’ll have all his stuff ready to go by the end of the weekend.

    Wonder if he thinks seeing him will make me withdraw my statement. It won’t.

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    Will be thinking of you this weekend, Landy. I’ll say a wee prayer for you tonight💞 Could you get his things to his mum’s, that way he doesnt need to come near. My daughter actually packed her ex boyfriend’s stuff into binbags, he wouldn’t come for it, so she put it outside, told him it was there, his brother soon came over and picked it up for him.
    You call the shots now, don’t let him dictate when he’s coming fir it. Hope you’ve had a peaceful week this week. 💜

    IWMB 💕💕

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    Apparently no one in this whole county’s force can tell me what is going on except the officer in charge of the case who is not currently on duty. If he’s not charged, he could be released before I even know it.

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    I would take out a non molestation order against him. For your own peace of mind and to keep the momentum of separation going. (detail removed by Moderator) I think you can get it free if there’s domestic abuse involved. Ring Rights for Women x

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    My ex used to come into the house, into my room and sneer at me and lie to me on the basis that the house belongs to both of us. He was doing this again and I told him I would call the police. He didn’t believe me so I called them. I’m glad I did. He was advised by his solicitor not to speak to me in person after that, (detail removed by Moderator) I am still waiting for stuff from another police force which will hopefully provide evidence that he is violent. He is also a known liar.

    The legal process is insane, makes no sense whatsoever, seems to be more like a multi-headed hydra, one where none of the heads knows what the other is thinking. It also costs ££££££££££££. (detail removed by Moderator) As KIP has already said, he probably doesn’t care if he bankrupts himself.

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