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      For the first time in this house I feel safe. I feel safe from my ex husband. I am not underestimating the chaos and suffering that Covid 19 has caused. It’s just nice to not be afraid of my ex during this crazy time.

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      I feel the same and I’m wondering if it’s because there’s something bigger going on. Puts things in perspective?

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        Well said MD.
        I couldn’t have put it better myself. It’s so nice not living in fear of someone who is inside your home with you. I hope anyone in this situation finds a way through and stays safe during this particularly trying time.

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      Same MD, I can keep her safe, she’s free from emotional harm, and she is def benefiting from this, normality is boring, doing the same everyday but its also peaceful. Not had a break from him like this in years! Neither has she, I’ve noticed she’s not missed him once. Although I suspect there is a storm brewing for us, that he’s going to claim I didn’t let him see her, even though I haven’t said this at all! Was uber careful not to.

      Has made me see things clearer still KIP, and affirmed what I need to do x

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      It’s all so weird. I am bored rigid. Routine has gone to shot. The children are doing their own cooking. It’s all chaotic. The dogs are barking their silly heads off and grinning at the same time. I am safe from my ex but I’m certainly not safe from myself. I’m not allowing the children to the supermarket. The ex is blaming me for his lack of contact with the children. He has made no effort to get in touch with them and complains that he’d like to see them. There are ways to communicate. I feel so angry. Not in a good place right now.

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      Interesting dont you think how once ‘again’ he has managed to somehow make this all your fault – dont buy into it MD. It’s laughable really. Were all trying to keep safe and well, follow the guidance and that’s all there is to it.

      This is a very difficult time, our routine is out the window too, impetus left the building a few weeks ago now, but then I strongly feel this is one of those times where it’s about doing whatever is needed to get through and that is anything that helps the kids to stay calm and relaxed.

      Don’t forget, it is Easter holidays as well, so what would they normally do – relax and please themselves alot hey.

      Yes aren’t all those fb mum’s super great that have picked up and ran with home schooling, with some brilliant ideas re how to keep their children entertained and still learning – good for them if this is true, how many do you think are presenting a snap shot of the day though? How many women behind these posts do you think are struggling inside just like you and me? Didnt get dressed yesterday?

      We have NO support right now, no clubs and activties to help, no one to step in at all, no break – isn’t this hard enough to deal with? Anyone that judges me here can well, f right off! If the kids are calm and relaxed, outside of falling out with one another sometimes, then it’s mission accomplished isn’t it? Just for now, until we can get out again.

      You know cooking for themselves is an excellent life skill and great fun for them – I really don’t think there is enough emphasis on learning things like this at school – so it’s great they are doing this!

      My child appears to be doing better than me in all this, she’s quite content, it’s me that’s struggling with it – but I have noticed this is really only when I start thinking I should be doing more; it’s this beating that needs to go – because when I’m not beating myself with this stick the rest of the time I am fine x

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      I told him to make sure the children had money in their bank accounts. He flew back at me and blamed me for not asking them, then told me he misses seeing them. He’s made no contact with them for several weeks now, and expected them to thank him for what he is expected to do anyway. He’s a n****r and he’s so much worse now he’s ‘elderly’. I so pity his girlfriend. She must be very needy, poor thing. Anyway, he’s been told to keep communication civil. His response to me wasn’t civil. It was brimming with rage!

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