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    feeling bitter today. I have made formal complaints and been told I could have help. Because he holds our money, it s considered legally mine also so I cant get legal aid or any form of charitable help for an injunction. Just been through hoops this week, people raising my hopes, then being refused help. So he has our money, refuses to give me any, continues to abuse me, the police agree it is coercive control and nothing. can be done to stop him. if I went to his account and withdrew my money it would be considered theft. They can do what they like. Please don’t imagine the law will protect you. I have been told to apply myself to the court. basically I would like to end it all.

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    Have you tried DV Assist C?

    Come on you, can you get to where you need to be? Make the plan happen another way? I would consider this an essential trip.

    I don’t get how the Police can see this is CC and yet can not do anything – I’d try again when you can muster the energy for it. Did you speak to a DA trained officer?

    Say if you could get to where you needed to be, could you afford to sort finances out later in a divorce?

    Call WA for advice, you are not the first woman to experience financial abuse and have no access to money – financial abuse is also now illegal too, so he’s breaking the law on two counts here xx

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    Did you say you’d like to make a formal complaint to the Police?

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    No tbh they were really really amazing, made a referral to DV assist for me. And Imhave not yet heard back the outcome of my statement to them.
    And to be fair DV assist gave me good advice and instructions. I was just really upset that my hopes of legal aid were dashed. Anyway the situation has been resolved and is being sorted…….!

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    Big smiles this end!!! x*x

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    Hi Cecile

    I just wanted to show you some support, I can see that you have already had a really supportive reply from fizzylem. Sorry to hear that you can’t get legal aid, I can understand that you must be feeling disappointed.

    I am glad that you managed to speak to DV assist and that you have been guided in the right direction. I hope you are now feeling a bit better than how you were feeling on your first post. You have been so brave in speaking to them and to the police too, you should be proud of yourself.

    Take care and please keep posting to let us know how you are doing.


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    Thanks for the support it is really important. Talking to the police was the most terrifying and liberating thing I have ever had to do, after decades of silence. I was angry when ai put my post up, but I used to just feel numb all the time so it is an improvement! My situation has been resolved and help is at hand imminently. Another hurdle out of the way. The support from people on this forum is priceless.❤️

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