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    Just a bit of a vent… hope everyone is ok xx
    (detail removed by moderator)
    It’s nuts… sorry head blown. Sick thing is, I am still conditioned to believe what he says is gospel, even though I know it isn’t. It makes me question myself. Funny position to be in…

    Love x*x

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    Yep it’s all absolutely predictable. As to admit anything would kill his ego he will lie and even forget the last lie and catch himself out. As you say the good thing is that you have all the evidence to back you up and his lies will be exposed. It’s awful when they write this stuff and they know what to say to hurt us. (detail removed by moderator) he has lied every step of the way. Blatant ridiculous lies and yes they seem to just get ignored. (detail removed by moderator). When you’ve been 100 percent honest and lost out through honestly it’s a hard pill to swallow but I couldn’t live with myself if I’d lied. How can they cope knowing one day they will be exposed? They simply don’t care.

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    Yes can relate so much; word for word LM! It absolutely astounds me that he can get away with saying what the hell he likes – so evident he has no conscience isn’t it, will say anything he can think of to use in his fight. They are used to dealing with men like this though; his arguement doesnt look like an arguement does it – more a personal attack? (detail removed by moderator).

    I got to the point where his words meant nothing to me, (detail removed by moderator)

    Always stick with your truth, ignore what he’s saying completely – until you need to – there is a lot you wont ever even need to respond to, in your mind it’s rubbish hey; back up what you say with evidence – should you need it – chances are you won’t though, unless there’s a fact finding hearing. Although you may need hard evidence at the end.

    Always show you are mindful of his PR, are ‘reasonable’ and ‘fair’ in what you write – have the children at the centre and at the forefront of everything, their saftey and your own saftey needs made clear. Make it easy for the court to see what is going on here when they have your statements side by side – (detail removed by moderator) x

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