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    Manipulative familial abusers, they are evil.

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    Hi there Thankgoodness, do post again if you need to.

    Best wishes


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    Manipulation is dreadful yes; stay true to yourself always TG x

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    Whenever familial abusers behave controlling, I do the opposite of how they expect me to react. I rebel to their controlling ways, I never listen to any of their mind control nonsense. It’s so liberating to rebel from them and have a mind of my own. Try to escape their mind control. Don’t listen to them, don’t believe any of their negative talk. Don’t believe in the panic and fear familial abusers try to create.

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    I’m like that. If I’m feeling pushed, by anyone in a position of power now, my brain does this thing where I stand up to them and do the complete opposite. It gets me in trouble but it’s like my brain’s hardwired like that now and it just takes over x

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    Well it’s a very good defence mechanism to show you can’t be controlled and are able stand up for yourself. It certainly shows your abusers you aren’t easy to manipulate and that you’ve got personal boundaries in place.
    The next step you can take is to think of what you’d actually like to do and use your rebellion towards making it work for you. Do you see what I mean? Now you both doing the exact opposite of what is expected from your abusers, which is a lot better than complying to their coercion but if you know you’ll react that way, you might as well direct your rebellion and firm stance towards the outcome you’d actually like to reach. It’s even more liberating 😉

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    Look up ‘personal boundaries’ on wikipedia.
    Aiming to control what you let in and what do you wish to keep out.
    Help needs to be able to get in.
    Abuse needs to be kept out.
    The beauty is you choose and are in charge of what information you let in and what you let out. You’re your very own manager. There ‘s power in this 💪

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    Thanks everyone. This lockdown is so stressful !!!! I’m in abuse hell

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