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      Hi, might be one of those questions where there isn’t a real answer…but how do you know if the symptoms you are experiencing are just the start of the menopause, or actually it, or actually trauma coming up again? I was feeling ok, going along, managing trauma, self care, functioning, feeling happy even, but then all of a sudden I’m wiped out, my brain is a foggy soggy mess, I’ve got no energy, I’m low, teary, I’m having nightmares, not sleeping well, heart racing. I can’t seem to do even the simplest of tasks. I’m so worried about my memory I’m thinking of going to the doctors to check if I’ve got early onset dementia. Seriously. I go into rooms and forget why I’m there. Even went to the supermarket the other day for something, couldn’t remember, got home, remembered, went back, forgot…

      I have been diagnosed as having PTSD recently and on a waitlist for Intensive CBT, BUT, since then the symptoms have got much worse. There is “stuff” going on in the background in terms of the ex, and there’s some legal things about to start up again. And I haven’t been “out” that long, lockdown last year, so I am adjusting to this new world as a single mother BUT my recent feelings are SO extreme I’m wondering if I need to see GP and go on HRT. What are peoples experiences of that, and managing PTSD and trauma as well, at the same time?

      I suppose I’m reaching out for support, anyone else in this place? what are you doing to cope?

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      I self harm and ha e been seeing a counsellor who says i have ptsd I am still also living with my husband whos not too nice to me at all.
      I have been having the same symptoms as you for as long as ive been talking and opening up to my husbands ways and seeing it as maybe abuse i still cant get my head around that word. I was determined i was making it up, attention seeking cause i was menopausal. After alot of pushing i had a test done privatly and it came back negative so still unsure i went to my gp who has done lots of tests and assures me my levels are all completly normal. So two tests say im not so im guessing all my symptoms are stress anxiety due to my husband my past my self harm and I guess next I need to face up to it.
      You are not alone my friend. Have a test done put hour mind at ease you can then address the problem head on whatever it is and get the help you deserve. Look after you xxxxx

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        Yes, its a hard one when you’re in the thick of it still. I was the same, it was always blamed on being time of the month, or peri-menopausal, but then once I learned about abuse it was all a lot clearer, and a very sensible GP and IDVA. Now though I am wondering if it is actually menopause, its a reality that’s coming to all of us after all. I hope you’re being supported and can find a way out. At the time my GP put me on a low dose anti-d and it really helped the being in abusive situation symptoms, and ultimately helped me to leave. Stay strong. xx

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        You could ask for a blood test from your gp you will then know and can get the correct help you are a strong and brave lady good luck with your healing and take care xxxxxx

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        I was listening to something on this morning on menopause just now and thinking the same!!! Have ptsd too….One sentence did resonate with me though… The doc said it could be menopause as long as there are no other underlying factors occurring!!!!
        We do have other things occurring too so it could be a mixture……I so speak with my homeopath about all of this, I can’t see her that much due to finances with all of this but do email updates and she is kind enough to stay in touch and assist where she can….
        Small every day self care is what my local outreach taught me some days that little thing is all I can manage right now

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      Hi iliketea, sorry to hear you’re struggling. I’m on HRT and for me, it’s been a life changer.

      I had similar symptoms to you and was really worried it was something more sinister than menopause so I went and saw GP and they did various tests and then suggested HRT. I read up about the pros and cons as there is a lot of negative press about it but decided to give it a go. And it’s really made a difference especially to energy levels, brain fog, no longer feeling completely overwhelmed and freaking out over the littlest thing.

      I don’t have PTSD so I cant help there but I definitely think it’s worth speaking to your GP about your symptoms as it may be something relatively easy to fix.

      Take care 🤗 xx

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        Thanks @lifebegins, well do be honest I am wondering if that was an over enthusiastic diagnosis by someone in “the business” and perhaps its just the menopause as the change has been quite extreme. Feel slightly better today after a lot of exercise and a good nights sleep. Maybe I should swap out the Anti-Ds for HRT and see what happens. Yes, I’ll get an appointment for tests. Thanks a lot.
        Glad all is well with you. xx

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      Hi Iliketea,

      It could be a mixture of perimenopause, stress and PTSD.

      Your GP may be able to do some blood tests to see if you are in perimenapause.

      In the meantime, try to use coping strategies. Write everything down if you need to and then your forgetfulness won’t cause you more stress by keeping you running around back and forth to the supermarket until you remember.

      Let your phone remember stuff for you. Use it to set reminders, make ongoing shopping lists, to do lists, set timers. Then, all you have to do is remember to keep your phone with you.

      Whatever is causing this, it won’t last. I’m told that once menopause has passed, memory improves again. You’re going through a really stressful time atm. As time goes on and you get more and more free of him, you’ll start to relax and that will also help your memory.

      I hope your CBT goes well. xx

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      Still scared

      im struggling pyscically…ifs not fun but better tban the mental abuse ive just escaped!😃
      i wa perimeopausal 5 years before domestic abuse became extreme enough to force me to escape. Herbal remedies work for me at that point I’m having a blood test now no so we’ll know whether it’s menopause or exhaustion and trauma I don’t know no but thankfully my doctor’s awesome so I should get to the bottom of it at the moment I’m just so incredibly physically weak and dizzy whether that’s iron deficiency cause of heavy periods or just a combination of sleep deprivation and heavy period I don’t know we have so much to cope with us women don’t we but we are very strong take care everyone

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      Grey Rock

      Sounds like anxiety to me. I remember feeling like this and comparing it to having too many tabs open and running on my phone or laptop so there was nothing left for everything else to process effectively. It was almost worse when I got away as I wasn’t running on adrenaline like I did when I was with him.

      GR x

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