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    i have now hit that milestone of x amount of weeks without the abusive vile drunken piece of c**p. no contact has been the best advice ever. yes there has been challenges ios n downs lots of tears but i have done it. anxiety still rears its ugly head there is still trauma bond. still got debt management for the rest of my life but i am managing it. its all thanks to this forum and amazing advice. please ladies if you haven’t yet got out please please do it as the abuse never ends it just gets worse and worse. i just felt i needed to do a little post. every day is a challenge but we get through

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    Well done! This is so good to hear imsosad, it made me smile I am very happy for you, you are one brave woman, you got through the hardest part of recovery hell, celebrate this milestone, treat yourself you deserve it so much. Many big hugs to you 💕

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    hiya hunni im treating myself to a nice bath and leg shave when i get home from work🤣 i have to make lite of things it helps me get through i have surprised myself with my strength i dont know were i have got it from. i think i had just had enough xx

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    I am so pleased for you! 😁

    Every positive post like yours really helps those of us that are still wading through the murk. Xxxx

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    Well done imsosad. Enjoy your bath treat and perhaps have a nice glass of wine too…oh and maybe some choccies 😉

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    i know i have still got a long way to go for recovery but i will get there. i know its easier said than done getting out we all have to reach that pinnacle point were we just have to make the break before one of us get badly hurt. oh my bath awaits i have been out off alcohol for the rest of my life but the chocolate sounds mighty good. thank you beautiful ladies for everything

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    Well done imsosad definitely treat yourself! I celebrate every single day that I’m out of that relationship- that’s my excuse anyway 🍷🍷 you keep going chik it’s not an easy journey we’re on but you’re doing great. You’ll still have ups and downs I’m sure but the ups will win x*x

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    oh your so right.. x

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     lover of no contact 

    Well done. Onwards and upwards. And keep posting.

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    i cant imagine not posting atm as i would go under. lover of no contact thank you for giving me the strength of having no contact with the drunken [email protected]#$ you have no idea how that has got me this far thank you all..

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