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      I knew my ex had hidden money, but we couldn’t trace it. Still, I proved he earned cash, and earned well, so I was given the house, but still had to borrow from my mum to pay him off quite a bit.

      I have just heard ( I can’t say how) that he has bought a large house and has found tenants for it, and will be getting an income from that.

      Either he paid cash ( he claimed to court he had nothing) or he got a mortgage. But he claimed he earns little. He couldn’t get a mortgage on a tiny salary- so it proves he lied there too.

      There was a landmark case at the end of 2015 where two women took their exes back to court after a few years, as they had evidence their exes had lied in court.

      I have told my solicitor. He was very interested and I don’t know what will happen yet, what I should do.

      Meanwhile, he pays a pittance in maintenance after paying nothing for two years. And it is a pittance!

      I can’t believe he has brazenly gone about setting up his little empire, not caring a tot about his family.

      I know he isn’t caring about the kids either, and that his behaviour proves that he just doesn’t care in general, but I can’t help feeling worthless now this new information has come to light.

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      Similar situation here! Shocking really how similar… i’ve just found out that he owns another house – with no mortgage outstanding!
      And he also bought & sold another house whilst we were married and made a (detail removed by Moderator) plus profit from it! (Which i didn’t know about either!).

      Thank the Lord for full financial disclosures, you can run but you sure as hell can’t hide! 😁

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      Gosh dont these men make u scream, how do they get away with it…. i really cant beleive how low they go, good luck to both of u ladies

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      Your stories are more proof never to feel sorry for these abusers. I hope you can take them back to court and make them pay properly. x*x

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      Mine is hiding assets as well and lied to the court. But the court says that I have to give them them hard evidence of these assets, I had already given them written evidence but it was my word over his and they want more proof to challenge him.
      That would mean hiring a private detective and I can’t afford that.

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      If you know the area where he might have them, you can do a land registry check. This will show who owns the property/ properties.

      I will never trust any man again. It’s awful what he’s done to us.

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