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    Like Boots did only this is the first supermarket offering safe spaces in the In store pharmacy. Good for them 💕

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    I am in discussion with the managers at my local Morrisons about this and have a meeting planned next week to give them some information about DA. I am going to discuss the ‘black dot’ with them and help them to promote this silent way of signalling to staff that they need a safe room to go to. They have been quite interested in my approach to them and how they can help anyone who seeks help.

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    What’s the black dot may I ask? Thankyou I’m a bit clueless and don’t want to be

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    I think it’s a black spot of ink on your palm that could be shown to ask for help without speaking or if you’re in danger and can’t talk. The ladies will correct me if I’m wrong x

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     Wants To Help 

    Yes HunkyDory, that is right.

    It was an idea started by a survivor of DA about 5 years ago and circulated on Facebook. It got quite a lot of attention at the time, so I believe that if places like Boots and Morrisons (that don’t normally deal with DA issues) are going to advertise they are a safe place to go to then they need to know about these things. If a woman who was shopping with her partner in the store managed to discreetly show a black dot on the palm of her hand to a member of staff they need to know what this means and have a plan in place what to do with her.

    The manager at Boots had no idea of this when I asked what training or input they’d had about DA.

    The dot can be done with an eyeliner, mascara, marker pen, biro etc. She may be able to pop to the toilet whilst shopping, put a dot on her palm and then show it to a cashier or shelf stacker.

    The same principle applies to any victim anywhere, as long as people know what it means. For instance, if your partner is on bail or on a DVPO and has charmed his way back in to the house, a lady can show a black dot on her palm to the Police in silence when they come and do welfare checks. That way, the abuser won’t hear her tell the Police he is there but they will know he is and they will then enter the house to look for him. Unfortunately, not all Police are aware of this as the DA training is not updated often enough, but they should know what it means.

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    That’s very clever. I must say though, stating the obvious but how terrible it is to even have to think of these things. It’s so sad.
    Wonderful people that help though

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