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      Hey everyone, I left my abuser a few years ago (I have a toddler to him that he doesn’t see).

      Shortly after I left him he met a new woman and got her pregnant real quick and they had a baby together too.

      I never reached out to her to warn her etc because I didn’t want involved to keep my little one safe. Also I knew I wouldn’t have been believed anyway as he would have been playing the victim and making me out the bad one.

      Anyway I heard they had split up recently. And something triggering has happened. A few days ago she tried to follow me on one of my social media accounts (I am private).
      This is the first time she has ever tried to reach out in any sort of way.

      I haven’t accepted or declined it. I’ve just left it there. It’s still there. She hasn’t messaged or anything. And I’m just wondering what she’s wanting? Why is she trying to follow me? It’s triggering because my anxiety is so heightened with it. Does she wanna tell me something? Ask me something? It’s just so strange!
      I don’t want to accept it because I don’t want her seeing my personal posts. I’m aware that they could get back together and I need to keep my little one safe.
      But also deleting it seems harsh!

      It’s just really sent me down a negative spiral😮‍💨🥵

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      I wouldn’t accept it. If she wants to talk she could private message you. Plus keep her off your social media then nothing can get back to him.
      If your anxiety is bad and you want answers, you could always ask her by private message what she wants. Without her flowing you

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      Hey Littledove, in my opinion, delete it and don’t look back. I find it strange that she hasn’t private messaged you, if she’s only sent you a F request I do find that odd… if she wants to reach out she would message you, if she’s also gone through hell with your ex what good can come of it her telling you, it could trigger you massively and you have come so far? I cannot see any good from this, delete and don’t look back, it isn’t harsh of you ❤

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      Also, it could be him, they may be back together… don’t risk it Littledove xx

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