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      So I am left alone again. From the very first meeting up to this one coming up, it’s basically been the same scenario. There has not been one single meeting with any dv support worker present for me.
      Why bother?
      My kids have turned into their dad in any case, they are like him, so why should I go to be blamed as the culprit yet again?

      They want me quiet, no opinion, no voice, they even say the house isn’t mine, dad is the one who pays for it…i can’t parent, I am not allowed so why bother?

      I wish my own kids good luck in their future relationships. I am done fighting for recognition, my honour, my reputation, my worth and respect.
      I am done fighting, I give up, there is nothing left worth fighting for. I am used, abused, and no one knows nor cares.
      My friend knows I am down now, I lay my heart on the ground ready for them all to stamp on it. They don’t care, they are used by their father to get to my very core. You can’t feel any lower now than the way I feel.
      Finish me off, the lamb is ready for slaughter.
      Injustice prevails.

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      re arrange the meeting , u dont have to attend alone, and as for kids showing dis respect to u i would say exactly what u r thinking well good luck to u when u have kids and in your realtionship and if they cant respect u then to leave u alone, i swear kids can say really in appropriate things sometimes, sadly seeing our abusers it does impact on them ,, suppose we just keep trying or some days we have to wipe our hands and said we tried our best

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      So sorry you are so down Bridget, you really need the DV worker at the meeting.
      Sorry your children are treating you this way, that really hurts I know.
      sending a hug xxxxxxx

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      Hi Bridget

      I am sorry you feel that way. Please try not to go alone. It will only bring you down further. Because I feel so unsure in myself, I have my private carer, my advocate, my care coordinator, my homelessness support worker or my mental health support worker go with me to meetings.

      I am scared to go alone and I can imagine why you are upset.

      I don’t believe that your children are a lost cause. I think that they are confused. They know something isn’t right but yet you pretend or vacillate over getting away and out of this marriage.

      I don’t know what else to say. You know all the steps to take but seem unable to take them.

      On one hand you stay to protect the children but on the other hand you put up with the nonsense from your abusive husband and feel like your children are doomed.

      The other women have given advice. I don’t have children but I think I would have made the same decision to run with them or at the very least if they are teenagers to remove myself and let them decide if they truly want to stay with their father. I would have maybe stayed in the refuge but continue to have contact with my children away from the family home where the abuser is. Just so they know that I haven’t abandoned them and I will try my best for them.

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      That DV worker is a useless ….
      She did that deliberately. They play horrible games.
      Yes, do not say anything.
      Please leave them behind. You can do better on your own. They will come looking for you. X*X

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