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      Slight dispute with my abuser earlier, a disagreement about how we go about certain domestic works. I wasn’t keen on his ideas, told him so nicely, this sent him off into the stratosphere and now he has threatened to take his own life and it’s my fault. All this said in front of our vulnerable adult child. I am so disgusted with him.

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      Twisted Sister

      Hi Headspin

      Good for you. Its barbaric, it really is, the way they carry on to us, and to our vulnerable children. Disgusting is right.

      Are you concerned that he will take his life? It may be worth you calling to report that he has threatened this so that someone can check on him and see what he has to say.

      So sorry that this is what you have to live with right now.

      warmest wishes


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      Thanks TS, it’s been a long week, but no I’m not concerned he might actually do it, I appreciate what you said though. It’s just the usual sort of madness I have lived with for decades. He just hates it when I dare to disagree with him and the huge over reaction on his part was shocking. Just get so sick of him and his abuse.

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      Hi, it is disgusting he behaved this way and I am so sorry you and your child are living with his abuse.

      His huge overreaction is a tactic to bully his way through whatever it was you tried to discuss with him. It is disgusting he would threaten suicide especially infront of your vulnerable child. The empty threat of suicide is also another tactic which is so common with abusers…. i got the police to do a welfare check on my husband when he threatened suicide, as the officers were DA trained they were aware of the suicide tactic and dealt with it really well.

      I can hear from your post that you have lived with his abusive ways for a long time, I also lived with it for decades. I minimised so much of the abuse that I stopped standing up for myself unless he got ‘really nasty’ or I could sense he was looking for something to blow out of proportion and blame me or kids (anyone but him as it was never his fault).

      Have you got support in place? I spoke to a trusted female GP, then I emailed the CAB (as I had no idea re how to separate, house, kids etc… I had my future planned with him so it took sometime to get my head around at my grand old age but it was worth it to be free with my children).

      Keep posting ❤️

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      This…”I’ll kill myself”…I finally realised what’s he having a Problem with? (detail removed by Moderator)

      Just an empty threat from your abuser

      Stay strong x

      Love a person who is now safe x

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