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      So my ex didn’t like me tying my hair up. So much so that it had to be kept cut short so that I couldn’t. My hair is now, many years into freedom, long. I can do plaits, a bun, pony tail or down if I feel like it. Its a wierd sensation and I’m still getting used to having really long hair.

      Are there any odd but really nice successes that you have had from freedom?

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      I wore a pair of trainers at the weekend that I’ve had for years, but wasn’t allowed to wear. I got so many compliments about them. I didn’t explain to anyone why I hadn’t worn them til now.

      It seems strange the little things that give you strength. That help you realise you are free. I bet your hair looks amazing! Thank you for posting. I hope others add to this post and share their wins.

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      Recently had my hair cut much shorter than normal, he would have hated it. And had lot of compliments too

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      Excellent to hear your little successes. It took me so long to get up the nerve to grow my hair long again. Its so different.

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      I’m four months on my own and only a few days ago I realised (I live now on the own with my dogs) that I had stopped speaking. Small things like today I had finished drinking a cup of tea in the garden and turned to my dogs and said ‘well I had better cut that grass now before the rain comes’. The change had been so insidious over the years that I had not realised until a few days ago that I had stopped expressing everyday observations or expressing my transient thoughts.
      I suppose that it is just learning to relive life in a more normal relaxed way but there have been so many small tiny things that I have noticed in the last month or two that I had been unaware of …. I was too busy dodging the bigger bullets and had failed to notice the small alterations I was making to my personality so as not to upset him in any way.
      Enjoy your hair ladies and learning to be YOU again.
      🤗 xx

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      The Duchess

      Mine was jogging suits , my ex hated me wearing them , now I’m never out of them also wasn’t allowed to use my phone after 5 pm , or listen to music , all of which I’m loving it NOW !

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      Nice posts! I love them

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      That’s such a sweet post, yeah I can dress how I like, listen to the music I want, speak my mind (instead of being humiliated and told to be quiet) I can eat what I want (no meat for me thankyou) Just generally being me instead of mould someone wanted me to be 💚🧚🏻‍♀️💙

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      Thank you for posting 💕.

      It’s the small things we do not notice at the time but we end up comprising who we are and it is so wrong.

      Nearly one year out… I can now eat when and what I want, dress how I like and my hair has started to grow back too.

      Sending strength to all of you ladies.

      There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

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      It is the small things. Small things held us down and now small things can lift us up.🌅

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      I got a cat. All my adult life I wanted a cat but I wasn’t allowed one or any other type of pet.

      He is the centre of my world.

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      I want to colour my hair. I was never allowed to do so… still not quite strong enough to but I will.

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      Have patience with yourself. It took me many years.

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