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      I’ve had a particularly awful weekend, but I’ve had worse lots of times before. This week, I’ve cried everyday and I’ve felt very strange indeed. I’m struggling to sleep, having bad dreams, can’t focus for large parts of the day so I’m catching up on my work at night. I’m still managing all of the housework, cooking, shopping, trips to son’s football training etc. I feel very unwell tonight. This really isn’t like me. I’m ever closer to my leaving date and I’m wondering if this is why I feel the way I do. Does anyone else recognise this? Thanks ladies x

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      Hi Optimystic,

      I am sorry to hear how you have been feeling. How are you since posting?

      Please do keep posting to us when you can and lean on support available. We are here for you every step of the way.

      Best wishes,


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      Yes. 100%. I have no especially wise words to offer but I recently decided to leave, I have sort have ended it in my head. Since then I’m exhausted, have 0 motivation, appetite is screwed up and have various pains and nausea.

      For me I wonder if it’s because not only does that mean accepting I have to change my life completely but it also means I have to accept the sorry state of my relationship and what’s happened to me. It’s almost a body b**w.

      I hope we can both stick to our plans and come out better the other side

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      Sorry to hear you’re struggling Optimystic 🙁
      I’m feeling the same as Sande although I’m not as far along as you both, I still really struggle to think of ending things when he is nice and things are normal 🙁 My mind just shuts out the horrible times.
      I think once we realise the reality of our situation there’s no going back though is there? It might take time but hopefully we will just move from strength to strength. Sending hugs x

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      Thank you ladies xx
      It’s very confusing what happens to us and of course I’m gutted you are going through it too, but also comforting to know we feel the same. I never mentioned nausea but I’ve definitely had that last week too. I feel like living this double life is more exhausting than being resigned to our awful relationships? We’re not to blame, we’ve just gotten clever all of a sudden. But I suppose feeling this bad is a sure sign we are right to go? Gettingtired, is your partner really being nice? Mine was being nice yesterday, but it was more unnerving than when he’s horrible. It feels fake. And when your partner actually says he’s trying to be nice it’s a sign. Who needs to proclaim they are trying to be nice. I notice and love genuinely nice people! I get words but no action. It’s all an act. Quite scary to witness. I’ll give you a laugh though. He said to me (detail removed by Moderator), ffs you really know how to cause an atmosphere in here!! Please keep strong. Big hugs back x

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      Oh, and I feel better than through the week. Thank you!

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