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      My daughter not well but she wanted to go to school her dad not well and he did not want to take my daughter to school then his saying that he wants our daughter to stay at home because she not well my daughter wanted to go to school. My partner was shouting at my daughter giveing her abuse she come to me and she was crying she told me what her dad said to her it’s not nice. He than walk out the door to take her to school I was feeling anxious thinking will he give more abusive not long after he comes back with my daughter saying she not going to school he gives her abusive going to school she comes home crying her eyes out the things his saying to her puting her down as well ain’t acceptable behaviour and my parnter says all his doing is careing for her . Sorry but giveing abusive is not careing my daughter was shakeing she always feels she cant talk to her dad about things she comes to me being scared of his abusive behaviour. Had anyone elese experience this because its makeing me worry he them says to me that I am the same as my daughter where I dont talk to him what does he expect for his abusive how can we talk to him because of his
      Abusive behaviour. He says to me that he gets put down for careing for our daughter we are both quite we dont say a thing to him he nows his doing wrong and I now he will never stop . It breaks my heart to see my daughter cry I will be talking to my counsellor soon because this sure cant carry on . It’s not fair for me and my children to carry on seeing abusive from him it’s been many years his never going to change.

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      Good morning my beautiful Angel… Rosemary,
      I’m saddened to read your post this morning
      I think you sum everything up in your last few sentences of your post …
      Can’t carry on, he’s never going to change and its not fair…
      Take these sentences and start to think how YOU are going to change things.
      It is not healthy for you to have your daughter in this situation and you are responsible for her well being so you need to get strong for yourself and for your children and start to move this situation forward to a better life for all. Shiw you daughter what a strong woman role model for her you can be.
      Change is possible, talk to you counsellor about putting a plan together to leave, what options do you have? Also talking to women’s aid and the domestic abuse helpline will help you to.
      But my darling, things can not continue forward like this, know and believe you have the power deep deep inside you to change things, there are ladies on here who have done just that so use their knowledge and support … you can do this
      Sending you love and support
      Darcy xx

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      Good morning Darcy you are beautiful to my friend
      It’s right what your saying there only so much we all can cope with the thing is he dont see that his doing anything wrong he says he is careing if this is careing then I dont now what careing is .he puts me down telling me that I am the same as my daughter where I dont talk out my feeling but when I do he says my feelings are wrong this is why I dont talk out and I stay mute .he wanted to me to tell him if he was right what he was saying by careing i never said a word because if I tell him a negitives against him he will just get abusive. I tried to help him get advice to get help with anger but he dont listen to me . He never own up when he is in the wrong he wants us to agree with him if we dont or he we do he still gets abusive. We cant win either way my daughter said to me that her dad talks to her like a child he does the same to me and also use her disabilities against her saying her to stop crying and grow up he is really horrible his made me
      Poorly physically and mentally and I just cant take no more . My daughter told me she felt she could not even tell him her own feelings because he give her abusive about going to school
      It’s not acceptable behaviour makeing my daughter feel uncomfortable I will see my counsellor very soon to talk about this . When my partner is depressed or he dont feel well he takes it out of all of us it’s not nice giveing abuse just because how he feels .

      Thank you for your help and support I really appreciate Darcy sending hugs x*x

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      My Angel, you say that he does not see he is doing anything wrong and because of this he will not change.
      However, you can see he is doing something wrong and so can your daughter, so you need to change and get you and your children out of this situation.
      He is not only abusing you, but this is child abuse to your children … do not allow this to continue.
      I hope you had a good session with your counsellor and she/he has given you some good advise to help move this situation forward to a better life for you and your family.
      Love and support
      D xx

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      Thank you for careing Darcy it’s not acceptable of my partner behaviour. For my daughter body to shake worries me so much she told me she feels like she haveing a fit I feel so emotional for my daughter that she went thought this with my partner it breaks my heart in two . Like you said this cant carry on it so horrible his giveing my daughter abusive I will see my counsellor very soon .

      Sending you hugs thank you Darcy for giveing me surport xx

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