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      Hi ladys sorry I’ve not been here in a while I’ve had so much stress going on it’s made me feel really depressed and hopeless . Sense me and my children ran away from my ex partner because of domestic abuse things have not got better for us. We live in a homeless place I dont have my own house yet all my things are in storage and I have to pay it every month which is makeing me struggle so much . I cant cope with this situation all I need is a house it’s so hard to get one when bidding for houses what gets me I am right back of the quee even thoe I’ve got lots of profe. I cant carry on affording to pay storage prices it could take a long time to get a house I just wish there was a way I could get a house it would make life much better for me amd my children. Is there some kind of help I can get help pay the storage? . My children are also struggling to cope with attempery accommodation pluse we cant gave animals here either and my children need an animal to help with there disabilities and mental health ect . There beloved animals got taken away from them when we ran away from my ex partner we are all so upset that we cant ever have our animals back .

      Also could anyone please help me I need a counsellor for my because I am geting no joy the ones I’ve tired they dont even have space to take my children on ?

      Any help I would really appreciate it

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      Hi Rosemary,

      Please Google ‘IAPT near me’ to find free counselling on the NHS. It is a self referral scheme so you don’t need to go through your GP. There will be a waiting list so you will need to be patient.

      I can empathise with your storage costs as I’m also paying for storage but I can’t advise unfortunately as I don’t know if there is any financial support for this.

      It does take time to get settled after leaving an abusive partner. I can’t say how long ago I left because it’ll be identifying but I can say that you’re in for the long haul on this one. You just have to keep plugging away at it and try not to despair. You will get settled but it takes time, patience and persistence.

      Have you looked at private rentals and then claiming housing benefit? This is also quite hard as many landlords won’t accept people on benefits but it is another avenue to try.

      In the meantime, try to make your shelter as homely as you can. I’ve discovered that what turns accommodation into a home is love and safety. At one point, I was sharing a tiny 1 bedroom flat with 4 other people and non of us cared. We felt safe together. Keep that in mind and anywhere can become home. xx

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      Rosemary I’m agreeing with eggshells even though it is really frustrating you’ve got eachother and your out of it, there’s always collateral damage after coming out of abuse whether it housing, money loss,emotional, physical damage, pet loss( which I know personally is heartbreaking)maybe you could try homeless charities or go into refuge but there will be a lot of people there, some landlords accept housing but it takes ringing around to find out, just try and value that your all together and safe and he’s not getting to you or harassing you, try and focus us the positives for now until there’s changes 💖💖💖

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      Thank you Eggshells for your advice I really appreciate that I will Google IAPT to see how things go because other counsellors are fully booked which is so stressful.

      It is also stressful paying storage you just don’t now how long I would be paying it for .

      Thank you for the positive advice and caring about me I really appreciate it ❤❤

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      Thank you Auriel for your help and advice I’ve contacted some private landlords and most of them need a guarantor which I don’t have .some houses the rent is rent is so high I can’t afford to pay that it’s so stressful .

      What we have been thought is heartbreaking its so hard to think positive when I am going thought a stressful time all I want is a house for Me and my children it seams hard to get .

      Thank you for caring it means everything to me ❤❤❤

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        It is hard I agree 100% it is hard to stay positive but after abuse you’ve only two choices you either go over or you go under 💐🍄🌹

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