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      I recently moved back to the UK and had to move in with my mother. At the time I didn’t see it but as the days and weeks went on my mum tried to take control of my money straight away that should of been a red flag. Then she started to treat me as a servent. Picking things up off the floor that’s like 2 ft away from her. Constantly asking me to make her brus. Then she started to borrow money and then she would never pay me back. She gets jealous of anyone getting close to me. She introduced me to a guy and his step dad and I got on really well with him. So me and the guy got into a relationship. She phoned the police on me saying that she wanted a welfare check. (by this point I had moved out) then she went and told the police that my (detail removed by moderator) (which I am not) then she started ringing me at silly times in the morning and turning up at all hours of the morning. And then I had to be moved to a different place because she just would not stop. Then she would come and “clean” and then ring my landlord (detail removed by moderator) trying to get me evicted from the house that I am currently in. Then the last time we spoke the first thing she did when she saw me was ask about money then when I told her that I had none she started making comments under her breath. Then I lost my s**t and started to shout at her and then I shut down all communication with her and blocked her on everything.

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      Hey there, I think you absolutely did the right thing by refusing contact. It sounds like you tried snd tried and she just kept undermining you and causing you huge problems. It’s sad because she’s your mother but maybe putting up,these boundaries will make her look at her actions and realise there are consequences. It sounds dreadful. You have the right to have an abuse free life and she doesn’t get to abuse you because she’s your mother. She should be supporting you x

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      I can relate my mother has been threatening to make me homeless constantly this week and almost had me arrested. She constantly belittles me too and is emotionally abusive I hate her!. You did what I hope to one day do cut all contact.

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      Well done for blocking her. When she comes to “offer the olive branch” as my mum did, don’t take it. Please be strong and tell her the truth, that your life us easier without her im it. Then send her packing.

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      She sounds awful. Well done for blocking. If she refuses to budge then I’d say cutting her out for good is the best option. One of my siblings has cut our Father out of their life for good and they don’t regret it. He’ll never change and their life is better with him not dragging it down with his negativity, misery and judgements. Xx

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