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    S**t is getting real and im so scared i just want to curl up nd hide… work have made referrals to safegaurding eho have made referrals to social services, they said i need to think about wether im going to leave or going through the police to forcefully remove him!! Im so scared, he doesnt even know ive told anyone about things and now all this is going to bring it all out. I wish so much i had stayed quiet

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    🤗 these people have your best interests at heart which is much more than he ever will. Do you have support? Can you go into a refuge temporarily until he’s removed. Sometimes abuse freezes and traumatises us so we cannot function. I’m glad outside agencies stepped in to save me. You need to reach out and grab that help x

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    I am sending you a virtual hug!
    Believe me, i also felt I wish i had stayed quiet and lived unhappily ever after…. but i am so glad i didnt.
    I know it is such a hard time for you right now. But it’s good people care about your safety. ❤
    Ending abusive relationship is like removing the tumour. You need to go through the surgery and healing process but then you feel better. I always thought that about my relationship

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    I just dont know what im supposed to do from here, uproot my kid and leave, im not even sure what i can afford, and renting is so scary, what if they end up throwing us out my poor boy will be so distressed moving from place to place. As if being taken away from his dad isnt going to be hard enough for him, apparently refuge is classed as a safe place of accomodation so then we wont be rushed to find housing im so worried about all this, why cant everyone just leave us be

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    Your situation is so similar to mine!
    I’ve recently opened up to someone who helps care for me and I told him about some things that have been going on. I was supposed to see him again this week but I had to cancel but he has said to that he is thinking of referring me to safeguarding. Now I’m even more scared and feel like I’m being pushed towards having to leave or doing something sooner than I’d like to.
    What if things turn out worse for me and my son? God nothings ever simple

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      Choccomummag…i know its so frustrating and scary, keep things closed to ourselves for so long then when we do finally speak out people act and take over x

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    Hi ladies, that’s it right there isn’t it? We keep all this contained, secret fir so long, manageable, within our control. Talking to the people who are there for your wellbeing, they are acting in your best interests, NOT the man who is abusing you. It would be better if these people talked to you rather than trying to force the issue, right? But maybe, going by what you have told them, if they did nothing and something was to happen to you, and it transpired they knew and did NOTHING, all hell would break loose, because they would have basically not have been doing their care of duty to/for you. God I hope this makes sense I’m kinda confusing myself a bit.
    I don’t think you’re care worker will set things in motion and not be there for you, he genuinely sounds very concerned fir you. Sending strength to everyone going through this jyst now.
    IWMB 💕💕

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