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    I am trying to get my ‘partner’ to leave ive known he’s been abusive for years and been trying to leave for years but a new thing that’s now come up is we have joint ‘legacy benefits’ if he or I left, would I have to claim universal credit or would I be able to stay on legacy? I don’t like the thought of all the change my kids and me going through and money being yet another thing waiting weeks for it to be sorted.

    I hope I wouldn’t need to claim but I don’t know where else to turn to find out. I really want my life back.

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    Hi gingerbread kitty, welcome to the forum. I think WA could answer this fir you or CAB, they’re very good too. Unless someone here could help too. I found getting financial advice from WA solicitor took a lot of worry off my shoulders. Knowledge is truly power.

    IWMB 💕💕

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    I just had a look at some benefits information around legacy benefits on the Child Poverty Action Group website, and if you live in a UC area then, yes a new claim would become UC instead of JSA, IS or ESA etc.
    Please don’t let that stop you. Ultimately it will be far, far better for the children, and for you too.

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    Hi Gingerbreadkitty,

    Welcome to the forum. I just wanted to say please try to find a safe time to phone the helpline. They will not tell you what to do but they can help to talk you through your options and work out what might be best for you.

    The CAB can be helpful with regards to benefits as can Turn2us,

    Best wishes,

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    Hello All,
    Thank you for your replies. I have no opportunity to ring the helpline as my ‘partner’ doesn’t work hasn’t for a little while. So he’s home all the time. I’ve been to my local WA in the past to be told “if you won’t help yourself we can’t help you” they basically want me to go into refuge. Which in my circumstances I cannot do which is why I haven’t. Unfortunately it’s pretty important my family well one of my children in particular stays in the area. I can’t go to CA without him knowing and probably asking questions about why I’m going out since I don’t go out. I don’t have any family I’m in touch with anymore so it’s just me and my children. This why I turned to here for advice. I have no idea what to do and where to go next.

    One of my children has a disability which is why money is so imperative to keep us going a 6 week wait for UC would just about cripple us.

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    If you are the claimant on a benefit , that will continue. If you are not the main claimant, or he is and you are the partner on his claim then you would have to claim universal credit. So if your name is the main claimant and you receive the money for your job seekers or esa and tax credit and housing benefit, it would be a change of circumstances to current benefit, if partner left but if he is the one claiming and receiving any of the above you would need to claim universal credit x x x

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      I am the main claimant. I did it when he lost his job. So I would be ok you reckon?

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    If you are the main claimant for ALL YOUR legacy benefits the change is just a household change so I would expect your benefits to continue but may reduce now you are a single claimant not a couple. google universal credit to see the 6 benefits it replaces. if you need to claim any ONE then that’s when I would expect you to have to claim universal credit. There are some good benefits advice sites online. Turn to us is one , and money advice is another.the ogov website is also worth a google
    X x x

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      Thank you x I claim all the benefits I made sure I was main claimant now I know why.

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