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      Why is it all about them, mine is feeling very sorry for himself today, moaning about this and that, they are situations and relationships that are suffering due to his abuse, yet he cant see it at all !!!
      I have been pretty frantic about a health issue he may of had and I asked him to make a phone call just to set my mind at rest, he hasnt done it and now says what if I dont want to then said its all about me using my name its always all about my name again, why do these men have no compassion for us and see that they need to sometimes help to ease our mind.
      I started to feel so stressed and angry with him, I don’t need this as recovering from bad chest abnd sinus problems im already feeling low and stressed due to that.
      They turn around on to us the exact thing they are doing, I have always looked things up for him that concern him and tried to help and advise him yet when I need a bit of reassurance its all aboiut ME !!!
      He is feeling so sorry for himself yet not looking at the BIG part he is playing ina ll of the relationships damaged by years of his abuse , ie our Children and I now have refused to be in the compamny of him and others whom I have put on a front to for year and years I just cannot do it anymore and I wont yet he doent like it, he would like me to continue covering it all up , he said cant you just put up with being with people and me at the same time NO I cant ive done too much if it , sitting laughing joking and some of them knowing he is abusive, yet still pat him on the back do to speak, yet its all me , I told him that the marriage is not a marriage anymore due to his behavior yet he say no its becasue you have just decided for it not to be , so stressed and angry with keep hearing all of this nonsence from him. URRRRRRRG. So I have told him I just dont want him round me today as he is stressing me so much, so he then plays the poor old me act, I know you dont want anything from me anymore, and you dont care about me, vent over

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      Well done, Godschild, you are setting boundaries and refusing to be his side kick in his fake game. You are asserting yourself. There is fire in you yet!

      I think you are stronger than you realise! 😀

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      Thankyou for the encouragement Sernity, there certainly feels fire this morning, I love that phrase his side kick in his fake game , will remember that, xx

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      Thankyou (detail removed by moderator) for encouragement xx

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      You can see through him.
      Great that you notice the imbalance and put up resistance. Your self protection works! x*x

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      Yes its self protection all the way, I can see through him so so clearly xx

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