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      I’ve just spent ages on my phone on a long post that told a lot of my story and I’ve lost it! I will come back and do it again as i think it would help at least me, but I don’t have time now.

      So down now. My daughter is off again. She’s low also. I don’t think antidepressants are the way to go for me, all I feel is depressed. But again, I’ll have to wait to do something about it. I have an interview for s job soon, but not feeling positive or capable at all.

      I have counselling this afternoon. I think I really need to go, but will have to leave daughter. I think this time I need to do it.

      I’m really sorry I’m not helpful on here at the moment. I read people’s stories and have gone to post but feel to unsure of myself at present.


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      Hi Eve1,

      Just wanted to say we are all here when you are ready to post, I hope you get to your counselling appointment, it sounds like you need to offload. The beauty of these forums is that you can come and go as your please there is no pressure to be on here ever. As for the antidepressants they can work but they do take a while so maybe persistance is the key? your choice of course x

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      Sorry Eve1. Make sure you go for counseling. That is the only way to deal with the trauma. The medication does not help with what we have been through. I have read that in a book.
      Go for the interview. I am sure you can do it. We underestimate ourselves most of the time. You are capable of passing the interview. x*x

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      mixed-up mum

      Hi Eve – sorry you are having a bad day – is your daughter ill or do you think she is a bit depressed too?

      As I’ve said before I haven’t been on antidepressants for 16+ years – so they will be a lot better now – but I honestly thought they did nothing for me – and I would be scared about taking them again.
      I feel I’m just a naturally depressive person – who will ALWAYS struggle with day to day life – mind you as I say, I have never told my Doctor how I feel or sought help in any form.

      How did the counselling got today – you feel the better for going?

      That’s my problem – I have seen no one and spoken to no one all day long since my kids went out the door at 8-00.
      I have just heard my mobile go off – and rushed to see who was wanting to talk to me – disappointment – it was only 02 – no one actually wanting to talk to me. I need contact be it in a text, a Facebook message, a phone call or a visit – I need to be with or talk to others or I get very low and lonely. 🙁

      Do you think that could be part of what’s wrong with you too – spending too much time alone????

      That’s what I need and that’s what would do me the world of good – to get out the house and do something and speak to people – but my failed attempt at volunteering last week showed it is not at all easy for me.

      I really hope you get this job Eve – it will boost you so much and build up your confidence so much.

      Have you ever considered volunteering? Maybe if you don’t get this job a bit of voluntary work might help get you out of the house.

      I just know I don’t like asking for help – so I wont go to friends and family when I’m low – I hide away – and wait for THEM to come to me – but then they think if they don’t hear from me that I’m OK – when I’m not…..

      As for feeling bad about not helping others on here at the moment – we all do what we can, when we feel able to – some feel stronger, when others feel weaker – and so we all take it in turns to support one another as and when we can.

      Hope you got to counselling and are feeling better.

      Take care.


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