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      I’m not sure where to start but has anyone had their abuser use your mental health against them ?

      For years I’ve had anxiety and mild depression, I was still functioning though and had a full time job.

      It was shortly after I met him that I noticed red flags, but because he could be so charming at the same time, I thought nothing of it.

      We now share a son together and after (detail removed by moderator) of gas lighting, my mental health hit rock bottom. I kept turning to him for support but I’d get shouted at. In the end I just didn’t speak.
      I hit crisis last (detail removed by moderator), social care became involved as an referral was made.
      I tried so hard to explain that reason my mental health is so poor is down to years of abuse but they ended up believing my ex over me. They even went as far as accusing me of fabricating the entire thing !
      Social services decided to place my son into his fathers care on the grounds that I have poor mental health and wasn’t meeting my sons needs. This was so far from the truth !

      I’m now left feeling absolutely broken. He has complete control now and dictates when I can see my son.

      Has anyone else had their abuser drain their mental health and then use it against them ?

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      What you describe is absolutely typical of an abuse victim. Anxiety and depression is very often how abuse presents. Talk to your local womens aid. There’s lots of research on the internet. See if womens aid will help you with some legal assistance. Putting together evidence of the results on your mental health of his behaviour. I had no mental health issues until I married my abuser. Get some advice from Rights of Women too. Ring the national domestic abuse helpline for advice. You’re not alone with this experience.

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      Healingmoon they all do it I’ve had it done to me by family members (detail removed by moderator) and abusers (relationships) they antagonise, confuse, gaslight and when you eventually have the reactions that they’ve caused they use it against you and let everyone know what your like (obviously missing out their part in it all) it’s their sick way of punishing you from a distance and to protect their identity as an abuser, really really take care, I’m so sorry your experiencing this (most definitely know what it’s like) 🤗💝🤗

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