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      White Rose

      In the last (removed by moderator) months my life has turned up side down inside out done back flips but finally settled back into safety, comfort and happiness.
      I moved into a new home with my daughter a little while ago and feel I have my sanity back. My name on deeds (and mortgage!) and it feels good. My daughter’s a new person too panic attacks virtually vanished, smiling laughing and sleeping well. She loves the new place and is looking forward to starting a new course of education in September.
      Legal side of things in 90% sorted and last part is in the hands of him and court (basically he’s been told sort it or they’ll get it sorted for him at cost to him)
      He’s been blanked by his family, several friends have told me they no longer see him as he’s so nasty. His new woman moved on. His solicitor refused to continue to work with him and mine was so threatened by him they reported him to police for harassment. This was the man I married who reduced me to a quivering heap and abused our daughter in so many ways. It’s not just me who sees that side of him now and I feel such relief that it really wasn’t me, but him, all along.
      Don’t get me wrong he can still reduce me to an emotional wreck with a short email but it lasts seconds not days now and I’ve learned to ignore it.
      I’ve had so much support from all the lovely strong feisty and funny women on this site, from WA locally and police DA unit, doctors friends and relatives over the last 2 years that thanks doesn’t really cover it but it’s all I’ve got since I can’t get you round for tea coffee beer wine cake etc etc so thank you will have to be enough.
      I’m hoping I can pop in now and again to see how everyone is and maybe give some advise but for now I’m taking a bit of a break to see how I cope without this amazing network of “virtual friends”
      Life gets better. I’ve been lucky I feel my recovery has been relatively quick (still taking the antidepressant though for the moment!). I’ll never forget what he did and how it nearly destroyed me and our daughter but I can now park it away in my mind and not let it rule my thoughts or my life.
      Lots of love and hugs and good luck xxxxx

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      I am so please for you White Rose, these are the stories I need to hear, as I feel I will never get to that point…..well done you and glad your daughter is in a better place too xx

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      Dear White Rose, what a lovely positive and inspiring post from you, thank you so much. I am so happy you have broken away and started a new, much happier life with your daughter. It is possible, we are strong, confident and worthy women who deserve a happy relaxed life. Children deserve to feel happy and enjoy their childhoods. I am happy too, well i’m getting there. I made the right decision and am working through the maze of up and down emotions, they become more positive the longer you are away. Best wishes to you. XXXXX

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      Peaceful Pig

      Hi white rose, I am so happy to hear this. Enjoy every moment of your wonderful new abuse-free life. You deserve it x*x

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      White Rose

      Thanks ladies!
      I never thought I’d get to feel like I do now ever again never believed I’d get there. Patience and strength and support pays off in the end
      Had an odd experience today bumped into the wife of one of his “acquaintances” today. Tried to avoid her but she collared me to say how pleased she was I’d got away from him and what a difficult man he was. All these people I keep meeying agree with me – more proof if I needed it but I don’t x*x

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      Massive hugs, White Rose,

      I knew you could do it. You’re a strong lady.

      I wish you all the peace and joy in the world. đź’›

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      White Rose

      Thanks Serenity. And thanks for helping me here.
      Once both your boys are older I’m sure your situation will be even better. Part of my progress is down to the fact that my daughter refuses to have anything to do with her dad (KIP would be so proud of her ability to go no contact!). Due to her age he can do nothing about it and has stopped begging me to intervene. That got him even more firmly out of my life and head and since majority of court finance order now done he’s got no reason to be an irritation to me!
      Hang on in there, rise above his stupid attempts to rattle you, keep letting police know when he breaks the rules and be a beautiful graceful swan. You are an amazing supportive intelligent and funny lady and I’d have loved to have met you in the flesh! x*x

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      Huge hugs White Rose – so please to read this <3

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      Thanks, White Rose x

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      great to hear

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