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      Since I had to see ex for court I have been having terrible nightmares.

      The most recent being that I fled but some how accidentally had taken him with me.

      All my dreams are about running away but hes always there. I am totally exhausted anyway with a child that doesn’t sleep and a horrific last two years.

      I have a support worker and I’ve just called her but shes saying I have to put it out of my head. How do I do that?

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      I have no answer for that. I have nightmares ever since and my court hearings are finished for a number of weeks. I think what she said is nonsense. I try to write down what goes on in my head when I have flashbacks and feel bad during the day. I hope doing this will stop the nightmares, because I process my thoughts and feelings. So far no success.

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      Easier said than done. Abuse affects you on all levels. I have had many nightmares.

      I attended a ‘dreams’ evening class years ago, for fun. They taught us that we can train ourselves to dream of something in particular, by making it the last thing we tell ourselves out loud at night. So, you may want to try imagining a positive idea. It may not work.

      On the other hand, maybe these nightmares- though upsetting- are out way of healing and coming to terms with the horrid reality of the situation. What we push few into our subconscious in the daytime, because it is too painful, or because we are too busy getting on with life, our mind deals with at night.

      Recovery is a painful process of peeling back the different layers of reality, but in the end we will reach our core being. x

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      Thank you it feels a little better that i’m not alone. I am absolutely freaking out daily to be honest. I had awful anxiety at the back end of last year and then a period of doing better and now its back with vengeance. Not sure what the answer is to any of it.

      I am so scared for my children too and what might happen in the future.

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      Hi Hun

      Im same have nightmares, leaves me restless during day, i have just decided not to focus on working out what they mean, i tell my support worker have dreams about ex , listen to people views what they could mean but i just take it as my brain processing what happened

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      I am feeling a little better this morning thanks guys. It comes in waves some days are terrible and others not so much so. Having very young children and little sleep on top is a killer.

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