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      When I got home (detail removed by moderator) I was hopeing I
      Could relax and not here anything’s negative .
      Soon as I got in the house there was (detail removed by moderator) letter
      For rent arress and then my partner was going on
      And on about it . Also he said to me (detail removed by moderator). He was feeling angry like he wanted to lose it why would he be telling me this and why would he feel like this just being on his own he told me he felt strange . I understand this is to try and put me in fear of him loseing it even thoe he felt like this in the day time he still wants to tell me how he is feeling . I understand this but I dont understand what he gets out of telling me this .
      It does worry me that he always tells me when he feels like this . Its horrible he makes me feel on edge I get pulplations in my heart . He thinks it’s okay to abuse me he thinks I am a joke he laughts when he is abusing me i never understand what could be funny even doing that and makeing up
      A excuse for the reason why his doing it he makes me feel uncomfortable. How can I possibly tell my partner this is wrong with out him geting abusive or geting angury at me . It’s just not normal behaviour

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      It’s abusive behaviour. It’s intimidation and he enjoys it. It give him power and control over you. It makes you easy to manage and manipulate. His threatening behaviour prevents you from pointing the finger at him because you will be met with further abusive behaviour so you have learned not to challenge him. Giving him the power and control he wants. He’s enjoying this. Abusers thrive in a relationship while the victim is destroyed. Your fear and destruction are the fuel that feeds him.

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      Hello kip

      Its horrible what my partner does I told him to stop before he did for little bit but still carrying on . Because his worn me out physically and mentally feeling tired of it I dont think I will put up much longer with his behaviour. I dont
      Understand why cant he just respect me . Makes me feel low and depressed stress me out makes me feel weak .

      I hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel for me and I find straight to get out of this situation it’s not easy .

      Thank you for explaining to me because I understand now why his doing thease things .

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