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      I am really struggling today, i just want to cry. I feel so overwhelmed by all that has happened both before and after i left. I feel isolated from my friends. I feel guilty for what is happening to my perp with feelings of what if he does something stupid it’ll be my fault. I should be happy but i feel so depressed and tearful. I am struggling with ptsd which i have stopped talking about as i’m sure people are sick of hearing about it so i’m suffering in silence and crying everynight. Whats the point.

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      Falling Skys

      Hi Inneedofsomepeace

      Big Hugs

      You have been though so much, and nothing that happens to your perp is your fault he needs to take responsibility for his actions. It is all part of their abuse that makes us feel if we did something different they wouldn’t do what they did, but we were in a no win situation. He always said that I had to have the last work so I stop answering back and I lost my spirit. I was damed either way.

      My only speak to a few friends about what I have been through more because they don’t understand what its like to be in an abusive relationship if they haven’t been in one. Thats why I love this site, you can post and theres no look of horror, no why didn’t you get out, we are all in it together, so post and read.

      Are you getting help with ptsd? My mental health team does give support for this, I can’t do it till I’m away from my abuser.

      I don’t cry every night but there is times the tears run down my face and some times I’m not sure where they come from.

      Remember to didn’t ask for what you got, we are survivors.

      FS xx

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      I am getting no help with my ptsd, i have given up asking for the help i have had one meeting with the community mentle health team, to be honest it was a waste of time they said they were going to put me on an anxiety management programme but i never heard any more. I am on the waitibg list for councilling through womens aid. I just want it to stop i want to stop hearing him seeing him and feeling him. I can’t do it anymore

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      Twisted Sister

      Hello Inneed, i just wanted to say hello really, and say you’re not alone, and hope you feel supported here, even if nowhere else (((hugs))).

      I don’t know what to suggest, i really don’t but to hope that you do get something very soon. I can really relate to the feelings you are having and all i can say is, that for me, time has made a lot of things better.

      At least with counselling from WA you will get such validation and support, when it comes.

      I do know that whatever he does will be his choice to do, and not because of you making your choices, but also that doesn’t make it an easy thing to deal with should he do anything that you fear, but maybe at least being prepared for that can steel you against it.

      warmest wishes to you xxks

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      Thank-you karmasister. I guess it’s baby steps. I just have to remind myself how far we have come. That we’re not in it no more.

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      How do you get counselling through woman’s aid. I’ve been on the waiting list for nearly 18 months through my doctors .

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