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      This is a complicated one so please bear with me!

      As some of you might remember I was seeing a man who I knew from my old life, before I fled to refuge and moved away. This new man (let’s call him Joe) knows my perp. I’ve been trying to end it with “Joe” for months, he’s gotten sexually controlling and the ‘relationship’ is always firmly on his terms, also he was with someone else when we first started seeing each other (he did leave her in the end)
      We haven’t seen each other in a couple months and not spoken in a few weeks but he’s tried to get ahold of me recently which I haven’t responded to. Am going to have to text him and apologise for not picking up his call.

      My problem is that I want to cut him out. Completely. He’s no good for me and has firm potential of being another perp. But can I do that?

      Perp is being formally charged soon and then we face court and a nasty trial, the DC says Joe can’t say anything that’ll damage me in court, but I’m so so scared to risk it. And there’s also the possibility that Joe could tell Perp where I’m currently living…after court, whatever the outcome, it wouldn’t matter so much as I’d have a restraining order against Perp. But I don’t feel at all protected if Perp found me before I get an injunction against him, all there are are bail conditions.

      Does anyone have any advice? I know I’ve gotten myself into a pickle…now I don’t know how to get out of it?

      Love to all, LBP. x*x

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      HOw about sending him text u not ready for realtionship and got lots going on and would be prefered to be left alone, state u not ignoring him u just not talking with no one at the moment, if he says he wanats to help say, thxs but no thxs u have to work it out yourself

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      Don’t think he’s after a relationship as such anymore, but I don’t want anything to do with him? Could I block his number and then just act like my phones broken? Am just scared of repercussions pre-trial…

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      Yeah just block him then say your phone has been playing up if he confronts u in person ever, always good to be prepared in advance

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      Thank you 🙂 I have no credit at the moment anyway so it wouldn’t even be a lie right now!

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      I DID IT!! I blocked him 😀

      His messages go into a seperate folder that I can only see if I go into that folder – coincidentally he text me! Found out aswell that he lied to me (again) and he either never left his girlfriend, or they got back together pretty quickly, because they’re still together. Was feeling like I needed closure, that I needed to see him and get my closure – after finding out he’s still with his partner, I don’t feel that need anymore. I can walk away with my head held high and know, no matter what happens, I’ve done the right thing. Whatever the consequences!

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