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      So since he made us book the wedding venue at the start of this year then left me weeks later- I’ve had a phone call from the venue today…. I cut them off before they could say anything and switched my phone off. I couldn’t think of what to say. I’ve text him since and told him he needs to call them and sort it all out since he’s the one who left me. He can deal with it! His reply was that he still wants to marry me- that it’s all he’s ever wanted. I refer to the title of my other post… He’s mad!! Why leave me and destroy my life if that’s what he wants?!

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      Wow, all you can do is cut this man off. He is (removed by Moderator). x*x

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      Hi Starmoon,

      I feel for you. Like you, I had a man whose greatest and cruelest wepin would be to threaten / actually leave, whenever things hot tough, he was questioned, or simply because he sensed I was in a dependent situation and needed him. The very act of leaving when he should have been showing love and support gave him such a twisted thrill.

      You are well rid. You are so free of his cruel and twisted games.

      So he still wants to marry you? Well, unfortunately he’s not marriage material to you!

      My ex’s long onslaught of abuse started true and proper on my wedding day. On the day that should have been the happiest in my life, I was met with the shocking realisation that I had married a cruel abuser. By marrying him, I have him the go ahead to make my life a misery.

      By divoicing, I grabbed my freedom and identity back.

      Let him deal with the booking. Call the venue back in a short and official manner, update their details and tell them any future correspondence is to be through or at least copied to him. I don’t know if there is money outstanding, but you don’t want to be solely responsible. If it can be paid off somehow, that is one hurdle got over.


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      Take this as a lucky escape that he left b4 wedding so u dont have to waste money on divorce , i know it still hurts but this really is a escape , i would tell people wedding off and all correspondence is to be dealt with him, and u dont need to talk with him, idiot wants to still get married, well who wants to get married to him, not u

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      Thank you for the replies ladies. I’m not out of the woods. Still feel bonded or tied to him. Not able to switch off my feelings and unable to admit it’s over to even myself. I speak less and less to him and I hope this way I can ween myself off him (because he is like a drug I’m addicted to). The more time I spend away from him the more I see things for what they were and the more I regain my fredome and myself. He doesn’t want me to have that though. I deactivated Facebook months ago. I couldn’t be doing with my life always being on display. Recently he said we should delete both our accounts, change each other’s passwords so we can no longer access them ourself and then creat a joint account… Even if i agreed, does he thinks I’m stupid. I know if he changed my password that he’d check my account- that would no longer be my own. And I know he’d simply create a new one for himself. Thankfully I don’t want to be on there at all anyway. He also revieled he’d set up ‘friend finder’ on our phones so we could ‘track’ each other now we aren’t living together…..😱😱

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