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      The abuse and the horror I suffered after fleeing left my health damaged.
      I cannot have any support from the health service. I am in pain 24/7. On some days I cannot walk.
      It was already noticed at work that there seems to be a problem with my walking.
      I have multiple health issues that are being ignored. I go to the appointments and they minimize my problems, gaslight me.
      I feel as if I live in a horror movie.

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      Did you get any criminal injury compensation? That might be worth considering. At least you could pay privately x

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      Hi Ayana.
      Sending you big hugs.

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      No, KIP, some conditions were there before, they worsened badly. Some appeared newly during my ordeal. For the injuries from the rapes there is not enough proof. The doctors do not believe me, they fob me off.

      Thank you, MP! x*x

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      I’m so sorry to hear that. My injuries are all psycological which is bad enough. I had my 6 councelling sessions on the NHS and was then told to go back to women’s aid for support! I’m going to look for a good councellor who specialises in recovering from abuse. Then I’m going to get the court to make him pay for them😈 some doctors are rubbish. Try another one until you find one that knows what they’re doing x

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      I have tried that. I have consultants at a Uni clinic and they fob me off now. I am going to complain if they refuse to listen. The pain drives me mad sometimes. I go to work with it and try to sleep with it.
      Six counseling sessions …, that is crazy. You need at least a year.
      I wish I could pay a good counselor. I just do not have the means. Maybe in a few years I can do that, if I am still alive then.
      The ex has no financial resources. They cannot make him pay. And I do not want to have anything to do with him, ever again.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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