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      I don’t know what to do.
      After some things that have happened my young adult children have suspicions about my partner of a few years. They think he’s stealing, we have set traps up and it goes missing but because we don’t have proof I don’t want to end the relationship.
      I told him to go a few days ago because I didn’t believe something else that happened (I think it will just get removed if I say).
      But now I think I may be wrong as he makes sense with the answers he’s giving me.
      My children are saying that they will not look at me the same way anymore and that I’m choosing my love life over my children.
      There’s has been a lot of little lies throughout the relationship and it’s been far from smooth but I can’t bare to let him go.

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      You have to ask yourself, outside of these small little lies, is there anything else wrong with the relationship? Why do your children dislike him? Do they have a valid reason? Only you know deep down how this person makes you feel… you can’t base your life off other peoples judgement. You can only go by what you know and how you feel x

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      Trust your gut. You don’t set traps to catch someone you trust & feel fully safe & secure with. It sounds like your fear of abandonment is kicking in (hey we all have it!) so maybe ask yourself if one of your kids came to you with this same scenario what would your advice be? We forget, it’s not just upto us to prove he’s done wrong. There’s a duty on him also to show he didn’t & can be relied on. Do his actions match his words, so you feel you can be open & honest, can you talk to him without fearing his reaction, are you happy…

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      Door mouse

      I Grew up in A similar household trust your intincts because your probably not wrong

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      Trust your instincts because you’ll find that most likely you will be right. Not just yourself but others are spotting the signs too. It’s hard I know and no one can make any decisions for you but try to look at it from every angle. The lies always set alarms off for me, whether big or small. My now ex OH was the world’s biggest liar. He’d try to convince you that day was night. But to be a good liar you need a good memory and he was often caught out. Hugs xx

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