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    In my experience there are more plus points to being free of abuse at 50 than 40 or 30 or 20…

    The pretty boys have got jowly.
    The bad boys look desperate.
    The charmers pay so much maintenance they live in bedsits.
    You can spot a cheesy line from 100 yards.
    You realise that being single is liberating and to be ‘picky’ is essential.
    You know for a fact that your life won’t be made complete by laundering a man’s pants.

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    Ha ha ha ha, brilliant, so funny, thanks Camel, made me laugh no end and all so very true. I can personally add, feeling content in pulling on a pair joggers and going bra less as often as I feel. Going to think of some more and come to your post, too much fun to be had here, just got to walk my dog – will ponder and amuse x

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    Love it. Being a woman over 50 x

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    Hey Fizzy elm – don’t need to be over 50 to be braless in joggers!!
    I’m hurtling towards big five-0 and have been rocking out in my joggers for years!! (Surprised the ex didn’t claim this was abuse to him!!)

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    Not 50 yet either but this post made me laugh thank you so much 😄

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    My child said to me yesterday dad’s always looking at himself, he cant pass by a mirror without an inspection – made me chuckle, thought yes can recall, reminded me again of the similarity with the story of Narcissus. I imagine it’s hell now as his boyish good looks have long since vanished lol – and he has a big round beer belly, with a chin to match – I know that will really bother him. Vein and beautiful is never a nice place, but vein and ageing must be a daily battle and one he will never win lol.

    Whereas I simply couldn’t give a dam – and that feels pretty good x

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    😂 great idea for a post Camel

    Here’s one…..
    Being able to go out with friends to busy bars and know you’ll be left in peace to enjoy your night out without some over ego’d prat thinking he has a ‘chance’.

    Fizzy…..I too love being able to go make up free, braless (my cat steals mine!) and in comfy clothes. 😊

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      Lol so true, great not being bothered by pests anymore for sure! xx

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    My ex was so vein too. Typical n********t and now he can’t rely on his boyish good looks and he’s balding now which was his biggest nightmare. Huge belly now and jowls. I read that they become even more mean in older life as they become bitter. Thank goodness he’s not my problem anymore. His life is still chaos and always will be. So glad I’m free x

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    I was out walking the other day and a man and his dog approached. His lab played with my dog who had just been for a groom. The man leered at me and said “he,likes the pretty ones, so do I” and he blew a kiss. I replied “don’t be so b****y stupid” and marched on. Over 50 rocks!!

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      pmsl thanks C x

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    We take our self worth from the love and relationships we have hey – this is what leaves us feeling beautiful and this is the beauty we see in others. Can ‘almost’ pity these poor creatures, laughing is much more fun x

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    “You know for a fact that your life won’t be made complete by laundering a man’s pants.” LOL Camel this made me laugh so much and it’s so true! 😀

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    Lol thank you!!!

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    Absolutely camel.I love being over 50. My ex is the same fizzy, can’t pass a mirror! I look at him and he does nothing for me. But then I know the monster he is. Ive yet to look at another man and think I’d like to get to know you. Tbh I really don’t want or need a man in my life to make me whole. We are whole beings before these men came into our lives, their egos can’t accept this.
    IWMB 💞💞

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    Hi Camel
    i am so in agreement with you.Thanks for sharing and make me smile.x*x

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