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    Just wanted to ask your advice on police.. I made my first report months ago now, and was told it was coercive and controlling behaviour. I did my statement for them, but they still haven’t done anything. I find the officer I’m dealing with to be difficult, and I don’t know if it’s just me reading into things that aren’t there but I feel like I’m not taken seriously and like I’m a burden.

    Because it took me a while to do my statement (it had to be a written one because of the lockdown) and I have two small children at home the officer called me and told me he was closing the case. A few days later I called back to say I had my statement (which I tried telling him on the phone before he closed the case) so they reopened it. He’s been very short in his replies to me, if he ever responds, and now I feel unable to chase it up because I always get the feeling they just think “oh not this crazy lady again”. I requested a different officer on more than one occasion but each time the same officer was the one who got back in touch with me. Should I push for someone else to be looking into this? It’s all mainly historical because my ex has left now, but there are elements that are still continuing mainly through the children. I’m in no immediate danger, so I’ve sort of just been sitting on it, but I wonder if I should be doing more?

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     Wants To Help 

    Did your abuser get arrested or interviewed do you know? If not, the case may well have been closed on the grounds they didn’t think there was enough evidence to effect an arrest and it has been recorded only, as per the policy.

    Or, they may have asked him to attend the police station for a voluntary interview, he has gone ‘no comment’ or denied the allegations, and they have not had any further evidence to proceed with. Either way, you should have been updated about what happened as per the Victim Code. You need to be told why the case has been closed, or if it is indeed still open, what the delay is in dealing with it.

    Do you have a crime number or incident number from the report? You should have been given that at the time, or the day after, you made the report.

    If you have that number then you can ring 101 and ask to speak to someone regarding a crime update. They can look up the status of the crime from the number. If they tell you that you need to speak to the investigating officer again insist that you speak to a Duty Sergeant and explain your concerns to them.

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    I was told he would be invited for an interview, but I know this hasn’t happened yet and as I said this was months ago..

    I have a crime reference number, do you think it’s worth calling them up? I think I’m also holding back because I’m worried that what you said will happen, he will deny everything and then they will just close the case. And I’m worried that that will somehow reflect badly on me (detail removed by Moderator).

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     Wants To Help 

    You need to get some closure on this one way or the other. Give them a call and have a chat and see what the situation is. You can then make a decision about whether you want them to continue or not, but the policy is that they have to take ‘positive action’ so they may still interview him. I know that some forces are putting low risk crimes on hold due to Covid-19 as they are not wanting people in to stations for interviews and this may be what is causing the delay in your case. Do you know what your Risk Assessment came out as when they asked you all of the DASH questions?

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    Victim Support are great. As a victim you have rights and one of them is to be kept up to date with your case. Don’t be afraid to ask for a senior officer and let them know you’ve requested to change officers and are still with the same one. Many victims are triggered by Male officers so you have the right to also ask for a female.

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    I’m not sure what my risk assessment came back ad.. but I imagine it wasnt high risk as hes no longer in the house..

    Can I still ask for a female officer even though it’s been so long? Wont they just say that I’ve had this one for so long why change now? I feel I’ve been too slow to act on anything and really doubting myself, not very good at standing my ground or asking for things. Tend to just hide away, and then end up wishing I did something sooner but doesnt change the fear I have of challenging anyone..

    Maybe I’ll give victim support a call tomorrow. Thank you both xx

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