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      I had my interview. I was ok for months but since the interview I can’t sleep and I worry all the time. I’m scared of his family. What will they do when they find out I reported him to the police…..what will happen….all these thoughts. He can’t do anything he is in prison for other offences of a similar nature already. Yet his family back him up in everything. fools! Sometimes I wish I has just not reported him

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      Hey kitty, just wanted to say well done. It’s normal to be anxious after doing this and understandable. However you are a much stronger person than you were. You can deal with things when they arise. Try not to let your imagination run away with you. Interfering with a witness is a very serious crime and if you get any hassle at all from his family then call the police and report it right away. You can be proud of yourself that you did the right thing for yourself and other victims. Onwards and upwards. Good riddance to bad rubbish 👍

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      there was another reply on here but it has gone. I logged on to reply to it as I was too upset when I first read it. It was so negative. I come here for support – not to have strips torn off me. I’m having second thought about using this forum now.
      KIP, I am starting to calm down – I think. I’m keeping busy with things I like to do. After all, what happened does not define me, it defines him and what he is.

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      White Rose

      Hi Kitty
      Don’t leave just for one negative comment it’s been removed so obviously it’s been noted by Lisa.
      You’ve been reminded of a lot through your interview with police and things will be feeling really raw again. Take time to relax a bit and be proud of yourself for having the courage to follow this through.
      Don’t leave please xx

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      Sorry to hear its been so stressful Kitty, I can relate. Hope you have some support and try and take some time to look after yourself x*x

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      Keep on posting, Kitty.

      You’re doing so well under such difficult circumstances.

      Keep reaching out x

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      Sending you big hugs 🤗 and we’ll done for being so brave.
      I have a four hour long police video interview tomorrow and to say I am anxious is an understatement, I have literally been sick several times today.
      All we survivor can only do our best at interview and the rest is up to the CPS and CID.
      Mine includes it all unfortunately …financial, sexual, physical and emotional/pyscological.
      I am sure that tomorrow like you I will feel exhausted and drained afterwards, but frankly I already feel that way after years of his behaviour.
      These interviews video or otherwise are our first true steps to speaking out and reclaiming our freedom and our life.
      I cannot wait for it to be offer and hope to start counselling soon, so that I can start my own healing and reclaiming my life that had felt like a constant navigation of his needs, depression, desires and dark dark places. Finally we begin to life for us instead of for them.
      Keep safe, big well and look forward to a future with someone deserving of you 🤗🙏xx

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