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      Living Warrior

      Right ladies,
      I have noticed a lag in our “positive posts”. So many of our lives are filled with hurt, pain and so much negativity. so i thought today i am going to start a post…

      This is a screw them post! 😀 to everyone who is trying to bring us down. This post is going to continue for as long as possible- We all need a boost now and then.
      I want to know a positive thing(or more if you have more than 1) that you have done this week, it maybe something your proud of, something that gives you motivation, ANYTHING!

      comment below, and say “screw you” to those who want to keep you down!

      This week, I have volunteered again with my local women’s aid- we did a zoom call to make my local women’s aid services better! for women like us. It gave my great pride, and accomplishment that, my thoughts and feelings were validated, my ideas were invested in, and other survivors found comfort in my story.

      PLUS: i didnt cheat on my weight loss & exercise plan- and lost 3lbs 😀

      come on ladies!! shower me with positives- no matter how small!

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      I like this!

      After 4 days of debating should I??? , I’ve treated myself to some frivolous bits n bobs off t’interweb!! And I don’t have to hide them or justify me spending MY money, that I earned 💪💪💪 so shove that one up your jumper and smoke it 🤪😂

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      What an awesome thread!! Thank you!

      My positivity for today is a big two-fingers up to my Ex! I have been doing the freedom programme and some of the things we have been talking about has made me realised how conditioned he had me and how i am NO LONGER that person. I make my own decisions and i am amazing!



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      I Love this thank you – I gave a talk at my new work it went really well I felt proud of myself and my confidence is coming back! I danced with my dog lol and felt happy and getting moments of the old me from a very very long time ago – this girl can. Hugs

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      Living Warrior

      thank you ladies for your replies- on a day that isnt one of my strongest, its made me cry lol
      i am so glad that you are all seeing the good in yourselves and that the sky is the limit with whatever you do.

      im oozing with pride for you all! you are unstoppable! 🙂

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      Iv booked a couple days away for me and my kids. Something to look forward to and an escape if you like.
      Going to make some us memories, and do what we like.
      Although I’m anxious about it I am determined to make it great for them.

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      Hi beautiful Angel… Living Warrior,
      Well done for spreading the positive energy … my favourite thing!
      You should be oozing with pride.
      Today I have been out in my garden which makes me very happy. I have planted out my seeds that I started growing inside but it was to cold for them until now.
      Birds singing while my little cat slept … what more could I want from life
      I’ve also started listening to ‘Think like a monk’ by Jay Shetty which I am enjoying and would recommend
      Stay positive ladies
      Sending you all love and support
      Darcy xx

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      I started an application for a free business course, started reading “You can heal your life”, fixed the dishwasher all by myself and have been living alone, without either of my adult sons for a few days and been perfectly happy. I have luxuriated in feeling relaxed and calm in my own home and snuggled up with my baby cat (it’ll be his first birthday this month). I’ve always wanted a cat and never been allowed; being able to snuggle my own cat is a massive achievement for me.

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      This is such a lovely chain of posts.

      Eggshells wrote a lovely reply on another thread that made me think of something positive. I hope it’s ok to quote others. Eggshells wrote:

      “You will more than get back to the woman you were. You will find that version of you again but you’ll emerge with so many more dimensions.

      The ladies on this site, we are something special. We have more than just strength, we have depth and understanding that many will never know. Collectively, we shine.”

      As well as being a beautiful and truthful thing to say, it made me think of how much less judgemental I am than I used to be. I notice my parents being quite dismissive when they can’t understand why somebody would feel/act a certain way, which I’m sure I used to do a lot. But I now find it much easier to feel empathy in those situations. I wrote this on another thread:

      Like Eggshells said survivors have a depth of understanding that many will never know. I have noticed that I have more empathy and less judgement than before. I appreciate that we usually don’t know somebody else’s story. Having spent so long with a story that I didn’t understand, let alone anyone else (the story being why was I still with my abusive husband), I am much more accepting that people will behave in ways I don’t understand. Being able to empathise isn’t conditional on me understanding somebody’s issue. I can accept that their experience is real to them, regardless of how I think I would feel. Maybe I don’t always manage it, but it happens much more than it did!


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        You have worded that beautifully ISOPeace,
        We never know what people are walking with and what their story is or what they have just found out today, so to have compassion and kindness and non-judgement is the best thing we can offer to people always xx

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        I add my appreciation of your post ISOpeace to Darcy’s, your words are touching and deep and so very kind. Here’s to understanding and openness.

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      Living Warrior

      I am so so glad u ladies enjoyed this ppost! It is such a lovely thing to just sit and think a positive thought for a moment. We all have got so much going on and sometimes we just forget to pause and take a moment.
      All you ladies are inspirational thank you for adding to my post.
      Staysafe and good luck with your journeys.

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      Living Warrior

      I am so so glad u ladies enjoyed this ppost! It is such a lovely thing to just sit and think a positive thought for a moment. We all have got so much going on and sometimes we just forget to pause and take a moment.
      All you ladies are inspirational thank you for adding to my post.
      Staysafe and good luck with your journeys.

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      What an enthusiastic post and great idea, thank you 😃
      I joined the gym this week 🤗🤸‍♀️🏋️‍♀️
      Sending big hugs to everyone 💕

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      I absolutely love this post/thread! Living Warrior thank you 🙂 and thank you to everyone else who posted. I love all the comments, especially about being kind and not judging others and living a story that we don’t understand. The why are you still in this relationship rung home to me!

      My achievement/positive moment was last Friday, I was really struggling with feelings of guilt and then in my lunch break I came on here and read wonderful posts. I reminded me that I having nothing to feel guilty about, that my time will come. I felt stronger for that moment and clearer in my mind. I will get there :-).

      I will have to remember this thread and come back and re-read as so many great posts. I’m not a fraud, this is very real and happening and in my time I will act. It will be clear what I need to do and when and a lot of that will be down to you wonderful ladies. Thank you. Sending big hugs back to everyone x

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